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American Vandal Season 3: Official Release Date


David Mudd

If you love streaming television series then here is exactly the right place to know more about this type of series. The name of one such series is American Vandal. Don’t you love enjoying such series?

American Vandal is one of the best American mockumentary streaming TV series. This series is a group of real crime documentaries like Making a Murderer and Serial.


I usually like to enjoy crime related series with my hubby and a cup of tea. I’m very much excited to know something about such series in depth. The 1st Season of American Vandal reveals the aftermath of cost of a high school prank.

Dylan Maxwell who is senior class clown, accused of the crime by that high school. The investigation launched by Peter Maldonado with his friend named Sam Ecklund. This is just to uncover whether Dylan was true behind the crime or not.

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Before proceeding further- Tell me one thing that whether you have seen the previous 2 Seasons of American Vandal or not?

In case you missed by any chance then you can make yourself familiar with the IMDb rating of the series which is given below. This rating may help you to know the popularity and demand of the series among the fans……………

After the fantastic ending of the 2nd Season of American Vandal, all the fans (including me) are eager to know what actually will be the next installment i.e. American Vandal Season 3.

Keeping this eagerness in mind, here is the article that contains all the relevant info regarding the series like what happens in it, what are the names of the casting characters, when will it premiere, the trailer……….

American Vandal Season 3

As I mentioned above that American Vandal Season 3 is an American mockumentary streaming TV series. It is created by Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda.

Initially, the series premiered on Netflix on 15th September, 2017. American Vandal Season 2 follows Peter and Sam. They both investigate a new crime case at a high school named Catholic private high school. This all happens when their Cafeteria’s lemonade is adjusted with maltitol by one who calls themselves as ‘The Turd Burglar.’

The Plotline of American Vandal Season 3

American Vandal Season 3 is a complete parody mix of vandalism. The storyline of American Vandal Season 3 revolves around a high school prank. This frank left around 27 faculty cars vandalized with proper phallic images. They had some Turd Burglar crimes.


In the 3rd Season of American Vandal, all the crimes are solved and all the perpetrators brought that to justice. It is expected that the 3rd Season will stick with the winning formulas that means with a new setting.

The Casting Characters of American Vandal

The main characters of American Vandal series are as follows:

  • Tyler Alvarez as Peter Maldonado
  • Griffin Gluck as Sam Ecklund
  • Jimmy Tatro as Dylan Maxwell
  • Travis Tope as Kevin McClain
  • Joe Farrell as Jared Hixenbaugh
  • Jessica Juarez as Brianna “Ganj” Gagne
  • G. Hannelius as Christa Carlyle
  • Camille Hyde as Gabi Granger
  • Camille Ramsey as Mackenzie Wagner
  • Melvin Gregg as DeMarcus Tillman
  • Taylor Dearden as Chloe Lyman
  • DeRon Horton as Lou Carter
  • Adam Ray as Officer Crowder
  • Sarah Burns as Ms. Angela Montgomery
  • Jay Lee as Tanner Bassett
  • Bellina Logan as Detective Carla Dickey

The Release Date of American Vandal Season 3

It was announced that the series has been cancelled after 2 Seasons on 26th October, 2018 by Netflix. Even the producers intend to shop this program to other venues.


Finally, there will not be any Season 3 of American Vandal as it has been cancelled after the 2 Seasons. It might be disappointing for all the fans who are waiting for the premiere of the series.

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The Trailer of American Vandal Season 3

As I told you that the series will not renew the 3rd Season, there is no official trailer of American Vandal Season 3. But if you haven’t seen the 2nd Season of American Vandal then you can enjoy it from here as the official trailer of the 2nd Season is given below:

The IMDb Rating of American Vandal

The IMDb Rating of American Vandal is 8.2 out of 10 with 27,192 votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did American Vandal get cancelled?

The series is cancelled because American Vandal is produced for Netflix by CBS TV Studios.

Is the 2nd Season of American Vandal Good?

Yes it is better than expectation.

Final Words

American Vandal Season 3 is an interesting and demanding mockumentary streaming television series which will not come on our screen as the series has been cancelled by Netflix. Let’s hope for any miracle that may bring the series with the 3rd Season…………..