American Horror Story Season 11 Release Date and Many More!


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Is American Horror Story coming back for Season 11 after running this horror series for 10 seasons from 2011. It is an Anthology horror in which each season contains different characters and story as it is the miniseries released by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk for Network FX.

The story of this American Horror series is a little bit based on True stories or events and some leading actors recur in different seasons but not playing the same role and playing different characters according to the season and its story in its beginning, middle, and in the end.

Most of the stars came back like Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe as playing different characters.

There are lots of cast members who are cast in this thriller horror story which the show’s composers are James S. Levine and Mac Quayle.

The show was released in the United States in its original language for 10 seasons and its previous season was split into two parts. Different seasons have different locations for its shooting and the last season was titled as Double Features.

American Horror Story Season 11

John Landgraf also praised the creators of this series for its master horror to release it on the FX channel with highest rated series and longest running one till this time.

Let’s know more about American Horror Season.

Every season of this drama is highly praised from the side of critics but the previous one earned mixed reviews from the side of critics because there is not a single plot and it focuses on two different stories.

First half is named as Red Tide while the other is named as Death Valley for its part 2.

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American Horror Story Season 11: Plot

Plot is not confirmed at this time because writer of the show choosing different and mystery story for every season and last year he also did a poll on Twitter in which he asked the fans which they want to see in the coming season so these are the choices given to the audiences and these are Bloody Mary & Co. The Piggy Man, Sirens and Plague. Among these Sirens and Bloody Marys are popular among all these. And till nothing is cleared from the creators side what they choose.

But it is also not clear that these choices are given for season 11 or the series spin-off.

Murphy also explained when he did an interview with Andy Cohen and said, “It’s the first time in probably three years that I don’t know. I believe this is my final season of American Horror Story. I mean, I’m not sure. Whenever he comes to me with some wack-a-doodle-stoodle persona, I’m like, ‘Yes! ‘Let’s do it!’ But I’m not sure.”

Macaulay Culkin will return to season 11 because his character is amazing to watch and all are expecting that new season will fall this year in summer 2022.

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American Horror Story Season 11: Release Date

Most of the seasons or series are delayed or cancelled in 2020 even though the show runs for a long time. This show is also the same as it came on FX in September or October and concluded before Christmas time every year but it never comes in 2020 and its season 10 premiered in August 2021.

American Horror Story Season 11

So it is only expected that it will come on time if the production goes well in 2022. But no official release date is there for new season 11 but you don’t have to worry because this series is already renewed for 3 more seasons which means this is not the last season of this American Horror Series and we have good news that it will come at least upto 13 seasons and now let’s see and wait when will its season 11 air.

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American Horror Story Season 11: Cast Members.

This time it is not confirmed from the Network side who is going to be cast in new season 11. So no cast and characters are revealed for the eleventh instalment.

Sme Cast members who may appear in this new season are-

Grosman, Leslie, Lily Rabe’s, Cody Ferd’s, Bill Murphy.

Cast is not confirmed along with its coming episodes. So it is unknown how many episodes will come in Season 11 but we can only guess that it will be from 9 to 13 episodes.

Is There Any Trailer for American Horror Story Season 11?

Trailer for season 11 is not available this time because cast is not confirmed and production has not started so no trailer is there. Till then you can enjoy its previous season trailer which is given below-

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American Horror Story is a good thriller and horror drama series which earned 8.1 ratings out of 10 on IMDB and 77% on Rotten Tomatoes and is also coming back for season 11 but still its release date is not announced.

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