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American Horror Story: Every Real Serial Killer Who Was Seen In The “Devil’s Night”


David Mudd

American Horror Story is an anthology based horror series directed by Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchak. The show premier on the cable network FX.

The show mostly features real-life incidents, which will be a showcase on the screens.

American Horror Story Incidents:

Well, one of the seasons of the show concentrated the real-life incidents in the Hotel Cortez of Los Angeles, California. The hotel has a plot of unusual scenes where John Lowe the detective finds the place as dangerous. John investigates the mystery of dead people in the hotel along with serial killers.

John then turns as Mr.March who is the dead killer in the house. There is a plot where every 30th October of the year, the ghosts including Mr.March celebrate “Devils night”. On this eve they feed a new person in celebrations.

American Horror Story

Here we have the list of the serial killers who have plotted on the hotel.

RICHARD RAMIREZ (American Horror Story)

The very first killer shown in the episode of Devil’s Night is Richard Ramirez. He came to the hotel to attend Mr. March’s annual soirée. Anthony Ruivivar shown as Richard has 13 murder cases, 11 sexual abuse cases, 14 theft cases.

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Another serial killer who attended the party of Match is John Wayne Gacy. At the party, he also killed many guests.

Gacy is known as Killer Clown, who is a serial killer and sex offender. He has 33 murder cases on him. The character is played by John Carroll Lynch.


Aileen comes to the party to kill John, the role plays by Lily Rave. Wuornos is a prostitute sentenced to death because of the death of seven men within a one-year span in Florida between 1989 and 1990.

ZODIAC KILLER (American Horror Story)

The killer who is behind the mask and is not revealed on the show yet. He bags 37 deaths in California in the ’60s and ’70s. John noticed the entry of the masked person when everyone introduces themselves at the table.

American Horror Story


We have the plot of another serial killer that the party, calls Milwaukee Cannibal. He bags 17 deaths in his pocket in the ’70s and ’90s. The show showcased him much but he is considered as a cannibal. Seth Gabel played the role of Jeffrey Dahmer.

Through this, we have a plot of some serial killers of the Devil’s Night. You can recall the episode by this article.