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American Horror Story: 10 Things You Didn’t Notice About Dandy

American Horror Story is such an amazing show. It has been very strong even after its 9 seasons. It has managed to keep fans engaged with every season.

Also, the show features just the right amount of horror, drama, and fun. Although it might seem downright creepy for once, the show doesn’t stop getting better. Each season, they have a new plot to engage us.

It keeps you hooked all the time. Dandy has been an exemplary character on the show. He has contributed much to the beauty of the show.

He has been quite freakish. However, there might be some details about him that you missed. Even people who have watched the 9 seasons ardently tend to miss them.

American Horror Story

So, we come to your rescue. Here are 10 things that you never noticed about Dandy.

He Is The Most Hated Character Of All

Largely, he is the most hated character. He is what everyone aspired to be. Also, he is spoiled rich, getting everything that he wants.

So, no wonder that other characters despise him. Others are from a struggling background, usually wanting to reach where Danny is.

Moreover, Danny doesn’t bother much about others. And this doesn’t help.

He Grew Up With Bad Parenting

Dandy has grown up all alone in his childhood. Gloria, his mother, has not spent enough time with him. He has always been with maids or by himself.

This might have added a lot to his character. He didn’t receive much love or appreciation from his mother. By being by himself, he might’ve done more harm than good to him.

He Takes His Inspiration From Elizabeth Bathory

American Horror Story
American Horror Story Season 10

Dandy is extremely into himself. He considers himself the most handsome man. This show showed a scene where Dandy baths with blood.

This is very similar to Elizabeth Bathory. She also did the same to stay young. So, this might have been another reference taken by the show from others.

He Could’ve Turned Into A Psychopath

Danny shows the early signs of a psychopath. His narcissist behavior only adds on to it. Even from childhood, he has been in weird habits.

Hunting animals for fun was another clue. So, he has been showing clear signs of being a psychopath.

The Last Character Of The Mott Family 

The Mott Family has no more characters in the show. Danny’s mother is no more after he killed him.

American Horror Story

So, even when the show has time and again brought characters, this doesn’t seem like the case with Dandy. He is usually on his own. So, he is the last heir in the family.

He Appears As The Second Mass Murderer In The Show

There have not been many mass murders in the show. However, Dandy has been the second mass murderer in the show. He seconds after Tate. Both of them have killed in similar areas.

Also, their techniques have been weirdly similar. But, Dandy has had less mass murders than Tate. So, he seconds on this list.

He Is The Actual Antagonist (American Horror Story)

Dandy is extremely narcissist. So, he is very self-absorbed. Hence, he is very evil and possibly the antagonist of the show.

Unlike the clown that was first considered the evil one, Dandy is more evil. With no aspiration to entertain anyone, he only wants to keep his peace. This is extremely selfish.

He Is Also The Second Most Prolific Killer

American Horror Story

The show has many people with a murderous instinct. This isn’t very different. However, Dandy has made a great number of kills.

If all his victims are considered dead, he might have killed about 25 people. However, he lost the count to Brunch, who killed a lot more.

Other than that, Dandy has been killing a lot of people on the show.

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He Is Inspired From American Psycho

Considering that he shows signs of a psychopath, this is no bummer. The main lead of that show was a narcissist and also very self-absorbed.

He was vain. Dandy shows similar characteristics. He too is very absorbed with himself. This can be seen in the workout scene where he gives a monologue.

He Might Be Related To Edward Philippe Mott

There have been no as such relatives of the Mott family in the show. However, Dandy might be related to Edward Philippe Mott.

American Horror Story

There is no similarity between the two characters as such. On some issues, they are at stark contrasts. However, they both love art and artistry in their forms.

But, Dandy is more aggressive and murderous than his uncle.

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