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AMD: Revolutionizing The Gaming Laptop Industry

Laptops with Gaming features are considerably expensive and require huge concessions. These Gaming specialized laptops are mostly rare, and not portable compared to desktops. So, do game lovers need to pay attention only to desktops? Is there no alternative for gaming on laptops?

To our luck, AMD brought up with new technology and invention which quench the thirst of game lovers. The AMD find out that many game lovers are not affordable to have a huge place to set up a system, and it seems to be difficult to carry to other places. So, they came up with technology where one can afford 100 million gaming notepads.

AMD: Invention Polaris


Polaris’ new manufacturing process permits huge improvements in performance per watt which ultimately rich in gaming on laptops. You know one thing? Around only 16% of PC users are using graphic cards and featuring systems for gaming. This is because most of the games need graphic cards and which costs nearly £300 and above it, where people go for poor graphic cards and can’t enjoy the gaming.

Huge thanks to AMD!! ‎Amd provides all these features in the laptop itself that can be affordable at $199 with RX 480 version which is ready to sell out in a premium VR experience.

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So, if you are done with the poor and bad quality of gaming on your PC’s and laptops, then go with the new creation of AMD Polaris. AMD’s new Polaris will surely change the world view in gaming and Graphic cards. The world will experience the new level of gaming on PCs and laptops by this new invention of AMD.

According to AMD’s recent press slides, this innovative range is “engineered to deliver unprecedented performance”.

“Flagship technology that effectively gives mobile users GUI performance that rivals that of consoles”

“Exceptionally low power with low-z height to drive notebook design wins”.


So, gaming is going to be more interesting and easy to very PC and Laptop through this new invention of AMD.

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