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AMC : The Theatre Chain To Close Its US Theaters For 6 to 12 Weeks


David Mudd

AMC is a US-based movie theater chain headquarter at Leawood, Kansas. It is found in 1920 and is the world’s largest movie theater chain.

AMC Theaters Shut Down?

AMC theatres the most massive theater change in the US have decided to shut amidst coronavirus outbreak.

The situation in the US is very critical, and huge gatherings are strictly prohibited. American President Donald Trump has declared emergency throughout the country. In a global condition like coronavirus pandemic running movies is not safe.

The largest theater chain currently has 661 theatres all over the US comprising of 8000 screens.

Audience rates had begun to drop down as it was necessary to maintain social distance. So it was important for the staff, crew, and customer’s health to shut down theatres until everyone’s in good health.

CEO of AMC Entertainment Holdings recently made a statement. He said, “the new CDC guidelines say that Americans should not gather in groups larger than ten people. This makes it impossible to open our theatres.

We are ever so disappointed with our movie going guests and our employee teams. Still, the health and well being of AMC guests and employees, and all Americans will be the top priority. We will continue to monitor this situation very closely.

Empty cinema auditorium. Projection screen is ready for adding a picture

We’ll look forward to the day we can again delight moviegoers nationwide. We hope that we can soon reopen the AMC movie theatres following guidance from the CDC and local health authorities.”

One of AMC’s competitors, The Regal Cinema, also took the same step. They also closed down their entire theatres to ensure safety and good health. Regal Cinema shut down active from March 17 until further notice.

When Will AMC Theatres Reopen?

The death rates, as well as reported cases of coronavirus, has been growing day by day in the US. There are other countries as well, which are worse hit by the situation. But as a step to control this pandemic further, large social gatherings must be prohibited.

For the time being, people should maintain distance from one another and stay at home. Unless there’s a logical and real reason, everyone should stay at home for their safety and others as well.

The largest theatrical exhibition, AMC, will be shut down for at least 6-12 weeks. There was a considerable drop in box office numbers over the weeks. But the theatres did not want to shut down. But the government requested all the citizens to stay at home. So it was mandatory that the theatres also take a break.

All the subscribed members need not worry cause AMS has paused all the memberships for the time being. The company officially announce that all the members of the A-list subscription would be temporarily halt.