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AMC Plans To Reopen Theaters On July 15, Masks Will Not Be Compulsory For Moviegoers


David Mudd

After months of shutting down, AMC Theaters are all set to open their facilities on July 15. There were movies released in streaming platforms throughout the pandemic. However, there are many films out there waiting for normal days to release them. There will be precautions for social distancing will be taken at all of their facilities. Although, it is not a compulsory rule to wear masks for moviegoers.

The guests are free to come to watch movies without wearing masks. But masks are compulsory for all the AMC employees. Besides, the employees will undergo regular screenings and temperature checkups. However, AMC suggests the masks are a good thing while in a public place. But they will not pressure people to wear if they don’t want it.

Masks Are Must Wearable In Those Places It Is Compulsory By Law

AMC Theatres will reopen July 15. Will people show up? - Los ...

Even though AMC is not making masks are compulsory for moviegoers, but it is only applicable where there is not a law wearing masks compulsory. people have to wear masks to movie in those states that require masks in public. AMC says this decision is made because they needed to be in any political controversy. Although, the team appreciates wearing masks in public places like theaters, etc.

Beyond all, AMC will only sell it’s 30 percent of the seats fro now to maintain the social distancing. Besides, it will help to control the crowd gathering around auditoriums.

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