Amber Heard Then and Now: Have a Look at the Most Stunning Transformation!


Saloni Singh

Amber Heard has the world’s absolute best face. Basically that is what Dr. Julian De Silva, a London-based plastic specialist, finished up when he investigated the 35-year-old’s elements utilizing PC planning innovation.

“The brilliant proportion was a numerical condition concocted by the Greeks trying to gauge magnificence,” he makes sense of. “The reason behind this is that the nearer the proportions of a face, body or room are to the number 1.62, the more gorgeous it becomes.”

Subsequent to estimating Amber and other celebs across 12 critical markers for the nose, lips, eyes, temple, jawline and facial evenness and shape, he found that Amber came nearest to the antiquated Greek standards for actual flawlessness.

“As indicated by the exploration, the most lovely female big name is Johnny Depp’s previous spouse Amber Heard, who was viewed as 91.8% precise to the Greek brilliant proportion of excellence.”

Obviously, a plastic specialist would understand better compared to anybody that the purported “great” facial extents can be accomplished by undergoing surgery. As it turns out, Dr. De Silva’s calculation scored Kim Kardashian at 91.39%, and there’s nothing normal about her!

Amber Heard did as well, as well, get a little assistance? We should investigate her excellence development over the course of the years to see what has (and hasn’t) changed.

amber heard then and now

From 2005-2007: Before Amber Heard Was Famous

Our most memorable shot traces all the way back to 2005, when Amber Heard was 19 years of age. Already, she was easing up her regular earthy colored hair tone to blonde, which fairly cleans her out.

What’s different about her face contrasted with now? Her nose appears to be somewhat more unmistakable, however I believe it’s basically her mouth. First off, we can see that her upper lip was significantly more slender than the lower one.

At the 2007 Awards Season Diamond Fashion Show Preview

She struck practically precisely the same posture two years after the fact, and not much about her look had changed. Here, her hair is a hazier blonde, and styled in the piecey waves that were well known during that time.

Once more, the key component that stands apart is her mouth. Other than her more slender top lip, she seems to have an overbite that is causing her front teeth to project over her lower lip.

At the 2007 Los Angeles Premiere of ‘The Beautiful Ordinary’

In this photograph, Amber looks even less such as herself. While her skin was really pale previously, she’s presently shaking a profound shower tan and lots of blush.

(Additionally, I can’t resist the urge to see how unfashionable that smoky eye cosmetics looks, despite the fact that we as a whole suspected it was so “exemplary” at that point!) At least her hair is pushing toward the brilliant tone that turns out best for her. Additionally note how her top lip is beginning to become more full.

At the 2010 Los Angeles Premiere of ‘Salt’

Then, at that point, briefly, Amber got back to her normal hair tone (which, as of not long ago, she’d never uncovered on honorary pathway). Such a great deal better compared to the super dark or blonde, yes?

You can likewise see the enhancements made to her grin (albeit more are approaching). It’s interesting how the untidy updo, earthy colored eyeshadow, pink lipstick and cleaning of body sparkle appear to be so dated at this point.

amber heard then and now

At the 2011 Hollywood Film Awards Gala

Unfortunately, the brunette didn’t stand the test of time, and it had returned to a bold, unnatural-looking blonde (with eyebrows to coordinate!) the next year. Along with the misleading lashes, graceless cosmetics and splendid, white teeth, she seems to be a newscaster than Hollywood’s next huge star.

Discussing teeth, these seem as though facade, however they’re excessively huge for her face. Her nose is likewise looking very shaped out of nowhere.

At the 2018 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants Banquet

With a slicked-back braid and red lip, this may be Amber’s most adult gathering yet. Honestly, I think she looks a little worn out here, despite the fact that she’s wearing an extra-enlightening establishment to mirror the light. (Review this was post-separate, in a muddled lawful adventure.)

There’s likewise a rakish quality to her face that wasn’t there previously, I suspect because of filler infused in her cheeks. Perceive how they extend out unnaturally nearby close to her eyes?

From 2019-2021: Blonde Bombshell Of Amber Heard

In 2019, she gave a shot one more shade of blonde — light and cool-conditioned — which she wore with fair skin and an extreme red lip stain.

The last option doesn’t dark what give off an impression of being her plumpest lips to date (really motivated me to begin exploring her change!). Her cheeks evidently sought a similar treatment, as they’ve additionally become more conspicuous, very much like the earlier year.

At the 2020 Independent Spirit Awards

That carries us to Amber Heard ‘s latest honorary pathway appearance, and I believe she’s more lovely than any time in recent memory. The infusions have settled, and presently I’d never figure that her lips or cheeks were filled.

(She actually has her Cupid’s bow, for instance, which frequently vanishes when individuals use excessively — like Selena Gomez.) She hasn’t depended on Botox yet, in the event that the weak scarcely discernible differences around her eyes and on her temple are any sign.

Amber Heard On Instagram in 2021

Such a long ways in 2021, we’ve needed to depend on Instagram for looks at Amber, for example, this uncommon unabashed selfie. I can’t resist the urge to see her full temples, and regardless of whether they’ve been upgraded with powder, she’s extremely fortunate (in light of how thin they were 10 years prior!).

Her lip and cheek fillers might have emptied a smidgen during isolation, and by and large, she’s looking very regular.

amber heard then and now

Amber Heard Before and After

Amber in 2007 versus 2019

Before I inspected Amber’s excellence development, I expected she likely had a little work done to score so high with Dr. De Silva‘s algorithm. But I could never have imagined it was so broad!

Rhinoplasty is the most well-known VIP medical procedure, thus I was hoping to see proof of that here.

Her nose was already straight, however I think she had a few very unpretentious refinements to the tip and the region close to the nostrils for a smaller, more button-like shape. (This is much more obvious when her face is calculated aside, so look at her indistinguishable posture in 2009 versus 2018.)


With everything taken into account, Amber might have had numerous methods, however the result was irrefutably positive. At the point when we ponder plastic medical procedure, we don’t normally contemplate restorative dentistry — yet these outcomes show you how extraordinary it tends to be!

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