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Amazon: The Company Plans On Bringing 100k New Workers To Keep Up With The Demand


David Mudd

Amazon plans on bringing 100,000 new workers to meet customer’s demand. Read ahead to know more.

Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics utilize Open Street Map Data in their delivery programs. Moreover, they collect information about new roads and shortcuts. This results in timely deliveries.

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Supply Chain And Warehousing


It has several distribution centers located globally. It includes fulfillment centers, delivery stations, Prime air hubs and so on. Furthermore, It has 750,000 employees currently working. Out of this, 125,000 are employed in warehousing and logistics.

Employees have to unpack inspect incoming goods. Furthermore, they have to place goods in storage. Employees then pick-up goods from recorded locations. Goods get assigned for individual shipments.

Some warehouses are automated. It Robots undertake packing responsibilities. The company has 75 fulfillment centers. It also has 25 sortation centers. The new fulfillment centers have Amazon Robots. Items are stored in pods. Furthermore, the robots pick them up.


It provides warehousing and order-fulfillment for third-party sellers. These sellers use amazon to ship for other platforms. Furthermore, it charges an extra fee for the same.

Amazon Plans To Bring 100,000 Employees

Due to coronavirus, people have started to stay at home. As a result, the demand for delivery products has increased. It requires more employees to meet this need. Therefore, it plans to bring 100,000 new employees.

It wants to deliver critical supplies at the doorstep. Increased demand asks for increased labor. It Logistics is packed up. Therefore it needs more employees. This will ensure the timely delivery of supplies.

The company has developed $25 million to help deliver service partners and drivers. Amazon will provide two weeks of pay to infected it employees. The new task force will get many perks.

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Employees will get an extra $2 per hour in the United States. Employees will get an extra £2 per hour in United Kingdom. Amazon pays $15 per hour for entry-level jobs in the fulfillment center.

Employees in many EU countries will get extra €2 per hour. Furthermore, Amazon will give sanitizers, masks and cleaning facilities at the workplace. As a result, employees and goods will remain clean. Amazon will spend $350 million dollars for the new task force.