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Amazon, Seattle: Amazon Care To Deliver & Pick-up At-home Test Kits In Seattle Testing


David Mudd

COVID-19 is the greatest threat to the earth now. People are dying every day, everywhere. Perhaps the world never feels so helpless before. All nations across the globe are uniting together in the fight against coronavirus. Even the leading multinational companies are also laying hands to help. Now Amazon takes a step in this battle. The company will take care to deliver and pick-up at-home testing kits in Seattle.


Amazon Inc. is an American multinational company. Jeff Bezos founded this company on 5th July 1994. Now this company provides its service worldwide. From e-commerce to artificial intelligence, grocery stores, Amazon spreads its branch in all commercial sectors. It is the world’s largest marketplace as well as one of the biggest four technology companies (Google, Microsoft, and Apple).


COVID-19 Situation In The World

This SARSCoV-2 virus was identified first in Wuhan, China. But Europe is the epicenter now. The situation in Italy is worst among all countries. WHO declared it a pandemic already. The whole is trying to fight back. Doctors and researchers from across the globe try trying to find out its vaccination. Until then WHO is suggesting people be in quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading.

As the virus spreads rapidly it’s difficult to control it. It will take a long time to find a cure. So, the main goal of the government is to prevent it from further spreading. Global leaders are doing whatever is possible to do. The world is almost on lockdown now.

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Amazon Announces To Take Care To Deliver & Pick-Up At-Home Test Kits In Seattle

Amazon has its headquarters in Seattle, Washington DC, USA. This region is one of the most affected areas in the USA. So, Amazon is going to team-up this Gates Foundation to distribute at-home test kits in Seattle. They will also deliver those samples to the FDA approved medical facilities.

A few days ago the FDA stated that SCAN (Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network) and Amazon Inc will take care of this project. Trained Amazon drivers will drop off the test kits as well as pick them up and take it to medical facilities. If anyone tested positive to the virus, the healthcare worker will contact them and brief about further treatment. They are taking this step to prevent transmission in the Greater Seattle Area.

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