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Amazon Poor Treatment Of Workers Has Caused Strike During The Coronavirus Crisis


David Mudd

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the whole world. The crisis is getting higher day by day. It is affecting the digital world as well. Though the marketing platform like Amazon is trying their best to help the infected areas, but they have their limitations too. In the middle of this crisis, workers of Amazon strikes due to the company’s poor treatment.

COVID-19 Pandemic

We know enough about this outbreak now. SARS-COV-2 is the reason for COVID-19 disease. This virus was identified first in Wuhan, China. Europe is the pandemic’s new epicenter. Italy And France has most infection cases. The whole is afraid. Doctors and researchers from across the globe try trying to figure out the proper treatment. Until then people are suggested to be in quarantine to prevent the virus from spreading.


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Amazon Inc. is an American multinational company. Jeff Bezos founded this company on 5th July 1994. Now this company provides its service worldwide. From e-commerce to artificial intelligence, grocery stores, Amazon spreads its branch in all commercial sectors. It is the world’s largest marketplace as well as one of the biggest four technology companies (Google, Microsoft, and Apple).

Amazon’s Poor Treatment of Workers Caused A Strike during This Crisis

Millions of Americans are depending on online delivery. Even after trying to give proper payment and safer working conditions, the outbreak is affecting the center employees of Amazon. The worst situation is the employees of infected locations are just walking off from the job. And this condition is very serious because the lightning-fast delivery of the company is stretched in days to weeks.

Employees pull carts containing online orders at the Inc. fulfillment center in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Photographer: Bess Adler/Bloomberg

The outbreak is influencing the company’s relationship with its workers as well. The employees are working side by side with their colleagues who may be infected even before showing the symptoms. So, some workers just didn’t show up for their shifts while others just walked off from work. Amazon Could have grant their employees paid time off in case they are sick, but instead of this, they choose to hire more 100,000 new workers which made employees more disappoint.

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