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Amazon : How Amazon’s “Essential Policy” Is Affecting The Daily Sellers


David Mudd

Coronavirus has caused many businesses to inflict change. They are changing their policies to incorporate user demands. amongst this, Amazon has recently changed its essential policy. It can be quite infuriating for you.

This is because most of us are depending on deliveries. So, the new change is causing a problem. People can no longer be dependent on the general delivery system. Also, this will make self-isolation all the more difficult.

People now want faster deliveries. This will support them during social distancing. So, this is very crucial that their basic demands are met.


But how does it affect you? And is there any need for you to worry? Let us find out.

The Change In Essential Policy

The basic change in the policy is that now Amazon will no longer allow third-party sellers to ship or store non-essential items in its warehouse. This is only applied temporarily, till April 5th. This is done as an effect to help you get your items faster. So, your items will reach you faster than you thought and will have better deliveries.

They are prioritizing essential items of household for you. With no such traffic from third-party sellers, getting items of daily use will better. Also, people will be able to get orders faster. Moreover, they can now restock their supplies in time.

This is necessary in this time of crisis. Now, many people have turned out to be happy. You can get your toiletries faster and at my door.


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How Will It Bother You?

It will not affect you much. You can still order stuff as usual. You just have to ensure that the company that sells you has its warehouse. That way you’ll be able to order things without worrying much. It doesn’t mean that you cant order non-essential items. So, you’re good to go.

Also, since there are a lot of orders, the shipping can be delayed. So, it can take more time than usual to get your order in place. This is because there are a lot of orders going around.

Is It A Matter Of Worry Amazon?

No, this policy change is only temporary. Also, you can easily get what you want. So, it shouldn’t worry you at all. You can go about ordering at ease.