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Amazon: Amazon Withdraws Its Prime Services In Italy


David Mudd

Amidst the outbreak of Coronavirus, Italy came out to be one of the most affected regions. Many of its neighbours marked an increase in cases of victims after the virus outbreak in the country. The government ordered a closing in the North Zone, which was the most affected.

Amazon tried to aid those who are stuck in their homes. It brought about a ray of silver lining when it announced a trial extension. But now it seems that it no longer exists.

Amazon Withdraws Services

Amazon has most recently passed a statement wherein it declared that it will withdraw its services of extended trial. This is amidst the outbreak of coronavirus in Italy. The services will now come to a halt. Only those with an existing account will be able to relish the digital content on Amazon Prime Video.

People can be very disappointed with this after Amazon had earlier stated that the services will last up to the end of the month. Many people were already reluctant to participate in the quarantine and after this, they have no reason to stay home. This might be a source of dismay to many.

Coronavirus Outbreak In Italy

Coronavirus has taken a toll on the people in Italy. Italy is officially amongst the top states where the mortality rate is very high. The virus has spread rapidly, not only within the country but also around it. The government has issued orders for people to stay within their houses for 2 weeks.

Some people have already escaped this chaos. The government fears that those amongst those who fled might also have it. This defeats the entire cause of the quarantine. However, all possible measures are taken to ensure that the virus is not only stopped but that its spread is also controlled.

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Initial Prime Video Trial Extension

Initially, Amazon had been the savior of Italians by marking that Amazon Prime Video services will be free until March 31st. It generated an official statement to declare that it will extend the trial period of its services. This was a source of joy to many who had to stay within their premises for 2 weeks.