Am I Actually the Strongest Release Date: Where To Read the Manga Series?


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The Am I Actually the Strongest? manga series by creator Sai Sumimori and illustrator Ai Takahashi is one of the most famous isekai series of ongoing years. With an anime adaptation set to premiere in July 2023, fans are beginning to put the series on their radars, with those already familiar with the manga series praising it online.

This has brought about many interested general anime fans wanting to know how they can read Am I Actually the Strongest? series at home.

Fortunately, those in the United States who have admittance to Kodansha’s K Manga application can look at the series there, where new updates are posted consistently. Sadly, fans in other countries will have to patiently wait for made an interpretation of volumes to be available for procurement, essentially until K Manga grows its availability.

Where To Read Am I Actually the Strongest?

The Am I Actually the Strongest? manga series is serialized consistently in Kodansha’s Month to month Shonen Sirius magazine starting on April 3, 2019. The series has been serialized with this rhythm and in Kodansha’s shonen-focused magazine consistently since first premiering.

This likewise implies that the series presently can’t seem to be finished up and is still releasing parts consistently. While this implies the series isn’t yet available to purchase and read in full, fans essentially have a story to anticipate for the following quite a while to come.

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Sadly, this causes additional complication for fans in certain areas and regions of the world. With the Am I Actually the Strongest? manga series being published by Kodansha, most countries can’t get to the K Manga application, where the series is consistently updated. The application is just available in the United States as of now.

Am I Actually the Strongest Anime Release Date

Accordingly, this makes it significantly more difficult for international readers who need to attempt the series to have the option to do as such. Those outside of the US and Japan interested in checking out the manga series will thus have to wait for volumes to be deciphered and made available for buy in their countries.

Series Synopsis and What’s in Store (Speculative)?

The Am I Actually the Strongest? manga series follows a hermit protagonist who is reawakened as Reinhart Zenfis, otherwise called Hart.

The series sees Hart be naturally introduced to sovereignty however is deserted by his unseasoned parents because of his magic appearing to be powerless. They leave him in a woods populated with beasts, turning away without a hesitation about Hart’s possible destiny.

As Hart is moved toward by various beasts and the Fenrir Excoriate, it’s uncovered that Hart’s magic is serious areas of strength for unbelievably. He survives by forcing Excoriate to submit with his Barrier magic, prompting her to begin guarding and taking consideration of him.

The two are in the end found by Hart’s distant relative, Gold Zenfis, who embraces Hart as his child. He presently begins another life in our current reality where his magic genuinely is the strongest, thus the series’ name.

Given the idea of the series, fans can expect it to follow Hart as he figures out how to tackle his magic power and for what reason he was given such a gift.

While there may not be one, such a saying is typical of isekai series with an overwhelmed protagonist. Fans can likewise expect the series to transform Hart being deserted by his illustrious guardians into a significant plotline sooner or later.

Am I Actually the Strongest Anime Release Date

Adaptation News!

The Am I Actually the Strongest? anime adaptation is set to premiere sometime in July 2023. A trailer for the series was released earlier this week.

Fans presently have details about the main cast and staff, with protagonist Hart Zenfis being voiced by Ayumu Murase. Atsumi Tanezaki will voice Charlotte Zenfis, Hart’s adoptive younger sister, and Ayaka Shimizu will voice the aforementioned Fenrir, Excoriate.

Takashi Naoya is directing the Am I Actually the Strongest? television anime adaptation at Staple Entertainment studios, with Matsuo Asami as assistant director. Tatsuya Takashi supervises the series scripts, with both Takahashi and Tetsuya Yamada writing the scripts together. Finally, Shoko Yasuda is designing the characters.

Is “Am I Actually The Strongest?” Anime Worth Watching?

Admittedly, Am I Actually the Strongest? carries nothing groundbreaking to the class. It is your generally ordinary isekai anime, with predictable plot devices and ridiculous characters. Be that as it may, the creator grasps this and on second thought focuses on captivating the audience with humor and light-hearted storytelling.

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It fills in as the ideal respite from additional serious narratives and is ideally suited for those occasions when you want a delightful departure into a universe of humor and fun.

Over the years, fans have come to love the healthy characters and the manga’s vibe great climate. The narrative additionally includes engaging experience curves and entertaining fights, which contribute to the series’ appeal.

When Is Am I Actually The Strongest Releasing?

Concerning the release date, Am I Actually the Strongest? is set to premiere in July 2023. While a careful date has not yet been announced, the anime is planned to air on the ABC Network and television Asahi’s programming block ANiMAZiNG.

Am I Actually the Strongest Anime Release Date

Exciting news for English-speaking fans — Kodansha USA has confirmed that they are working on an English translation of the manga. The translation is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2023, allowing a wider audience to partake in the series.

Cast and Staff Behind Am I Actually the Strongest Anime!

Concerning the team behind the anime, we realize that the series will be directed by Takashi Naoya (who previously dealt with Gintama) and highlight character design by Shouko Yasuda (known for her animation in Pokemon).

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The voice cast includes Shinnosuke Tachibana (who played Aoshi in BLUELOCK) as well as Manaka Iwami (Akane in Oshi no Ko) as a portion of the lead characters.

What Fans Can Expect from Am I Actually the Strongest?

A reclusive protagonist is renewed as Reinhart Zenfis, or Hart, in the Am I Actually the Strongest? manga series. In the show, Hart is naturally introduced to eminence however is subsequently deserted by his folks when they realize his magical abilities are lacking. Without giving Hart’s situation a doubt, they leave him in a timberland loaded with animals.

It turns out to be evident that Hart’s magic is incredibly intense as he is faced by a variety of beasts and the Fenrir Excoriate. He remains alive because his Barrier magic stifles Excoriate enough for her to begin protecting him.

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Hart’s tragically missing relative Gold Zenfis finds them and takes him in as his own child. The series title suggests the way that he’s starting over in this present reality where his power is preeminent.


“Am I Actually the Strongest?” promises to delight anime fans looking for another series. The fascinating premise and vivid characters of this upcoming anime adaptation have fans excited. The series follows a seemingly ordinary protagonist who learns secret capabilities in a magical universe of furious battle.

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