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Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 : Plot

Always Sunny in Philadelphia is an iconic American Situational comedy or sitcom. The show is often referred to as Always Sunny or just Sunny. The success of the show has grown so much that even the actors are overwhelmed. It’s because of the immense popularity of IASIP that the series is going to be renewed for a whopping 15 seasons. Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15 is a must-watch.

The actors still remember the humble beginning of the show. Rob McElhenny started this show without work actors he met at some convention. His idea was simple. He wanted to make the show on a group of close friends who care about nothing and will go to the strangest levels just because they want to. 

The show was developed by Rob McElhenny, Charlie Day, and Glenn Howerton.

The highly lauded comedy is widely regarded as a genre-defining work.

The legendary classic has been hailed for its cynical comedy as well as periods of tenderness between the protagonists.

With the series’s enormous audience spanning 14 years, it’s only logical that they’re looking forward to another year.

If you’re unsure whether or not that will occur, we’re here to lay your concerns to bed.

Plot of Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

The plot revolves around the quirky and absurd relationship among Mac, Charlie Dennis, Sweet Dee, and Frank. 

They own an Irish pub called Paddy’s pub which doesn’t do well financially. The comic, cynical and nihilistic life of this group is the essence of the show that takes forward the plot. 

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USP of Insanity 

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is one of the longest-running shows. The show gained immense popularity over generations. It has earned its place as an American classic sitcom.

 It is right there with The Simpsons, Friends, Honeymooners, The office, and Brooklyn nine-nine.USP of the show is it’s uncommon take on comedy. The comedy in the show is simply, well, Insane. The show has gone beyond the conventional take on comedy and tries to establish that — comedy doesn’t have to make sense. 

The Weird Gang 

a glimpse from the show, always sunny in philadelphia
Showcasing Frank and Charlie from Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

The Gang has absolutely no sense of shame or hesitations when it comes to things they want for themselves. Shock and disgust have no place in their dictionary. Things they have done are super-weird and outrageous and while doing so they have won millions of hearts. 

Some of these situations include: becoming addicted to cocaine and pretending to be mentally challenged to qualify for welfare, attempted cannibalism (don’t imagine, just watch the show )kidnapping, blackface; hiding naked inside a couch to eavesdrop on people. tricking a man into giving his daughter a lap dance, forcing each other to eat the inedible item, huffing pain, sleeping with each other’s romantic interests; secretly feeding someone their dead pet; plugging their open wounds with trash; grave robbing; setting a room full of people on fire and locking the door to avoid an uncomfortable Thanksgiving meal; stalking their crushes; fantasizing about killing each other; taking out life insurance on a suicidal person, the list is endless.

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The Characters of Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

showcasing mac, charlie, deandra, dennis and frank
Featuring the extremely talented and crazy characters of Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

The characters are the thing about the show, the crazy insane group of people who exploit each other to the utmost. They have no sense of morality or even ethics. 

These crazy groups through their crazy always manage to have a hell of crazy rides.

  • Mac 
  • Charlie 
  • Dennis 
  • See
  • Frank.


This role is played by Charlie Day

Charlie was a co-owner of Paddy’s Pub. Later, he traded his capital investment for “goods and services,” half a sandwich, and other undisclosed things. He is a childhood friend of Mac and a high school friend of Dennis and Dee. He is also the roommate of Frank, who is probably his biological father. He does most of the work and maintenance at the pub. 

He is unable to read or write and sometimes eats cat food while being drunk. despite his general lack of intelligence, Charlie is a naturally gifted musician and a self-proclaimed expert in ‘bird law'( not sure what that means in his book.)He also has a weird obsession with “The Waitress,” a recurring character who finds Charlie repulsive and shows no interest in him until the Season 12 finale.

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Glenn Howerton played the role of Dennis Reynolds. Dennis is a co-owner of Paddy’s Pub and Dee’s twin brother. Easily the most psychopathic of the five friends, Dennis is narcissistic, superficial, hypersexual, and abrasive. 

He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a minor in psychology. His predatory nature is often depicted through numerous attempts to seduce various women; which, when successful, result in him gaslighting and emotionally abusing them to win over their favor. It is strongly hinted at times that Dennis may be a serial killer, though this remains ambiguous. He returns to Philadelphia in season 13, supposedly supporting his family from a distance.


Mac ( Rob Elhenny ) is one of the co-owners of Paddy’s Pub and also acts (At least he tries) as the bouncer. He is Charlie’s childhood friend and Dennis’s high school friend. Later they end up as roommates too. The son of a convicted felon who has been in prison for much of Mac’s life, he frequently attempts to pass himself around like a tough guy. 

At times he refers to himself as the “sheriff of Paddy’s”. Deeply insecure, Mac seeks the approval of those around him, especially his father, his apathetic and emotionally absent mother, and Dennis. 

He suffers from body dysmorphia and has been depicted at various weights throughout the series: before the beginning of Season 7 he gained 60 pounds (27 kg) and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, and when he finally returned to a healthy weight he admitted he missed supposedly coming across as ‘scary’ to people. 

Sweet Dee 

She seems to be the most violent person in the group. She is also Dennis’s Twin sister and works in Paddy’s pub. Though sometimes she might come across as a reasonable and normal person, as the series goes forward we find that she is just a crazy violent weirdo just like the rest of the group members. 

She seems to have anger management issues from her unresolved past. It was mentioned in the show that she had set her college roommate on fire. 

The role was brilliantly played by Kaitlin Olson.

Frank Reynolds

He is the 5 the horseman of the show. The character played by Demi Devito was introduced in the second season of the show. There is a chance that he is the biological father of his roommate, Charlie. Even though Frank is the most senior member of the group, the age difference doesn’t matter at all. He blends in with the character well. 

He describes his character as ” Feral”. He is perhaps the weirdest character. Charlie and Frank share an obsession overplaying Nightcrawler. In addition to this, he is a compulsive gambler.

Season 15 of Always Sunny in Philadelphia 

a still of the talented cast of always sunny in philadelphia season 15ly
Featuring the cast: Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton and Danny Devito

It’s Always Sunny, which premiered in 2005 and is still going strong, is one of the most popular comedies.

The series’ viewership and favorable critical response have stayed steady even after it was moved from FX to sister network FXX.

The comedy was renewed for four additional seasons after tying the mark with season 14, establishing it as the lengthiest scripted comedy show on American tv ever.

Many of these shows will be featured in the future season, and they will take a beating with their humor while also addressing current concerns.

“In the way, only ‘Sunny’ can,” McElhenney taunted, the season will discuss COVID-19.

He also made comparisons to a season 7 episode titled “The Gang Gets Quarantined.”

Season 15 hasn’t been disclosed much, although it’s expected to be highly heated.

Availability of Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 15

The show can be watched on Netflix and Disney Hotstar.


After releasing this year for the 15th season the show set a record as the longest-running one. Fans have expressed their thanks in anticipation that the show will once allow them to be part of their lives. The resonance of the show is probably what keeps it going so far. It reminds us of unfiltered fun. 

Even though it feels it has become more difficult to keep up with innovative tales this deep in play there’s no doubting It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia isn’t losing any ground with each upcoming season.

The Gang strives to give the great laughs and thrilling tales viewers have grown to anticipate for the past fifteen years, from recurring cliché subversions to delicate yet powerful personality growth.

As work on the upcoming chapter installment of the comedy progresses, McElhenney and co. will presumably be able to provide additional backstage glimpses.

If you are a hardcore fan of the show and have been a loyal follower, get ready to carry away into yet another weird, insane, dark (in a funny way), and often a destabilizing world of the It’s always sunny in Philadelphia season 15. 

And stay tuned for further updates on your favorite show and drop down any additional comments and questions that you have for  It’s always sunny in Philadelphia season 15. 

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