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Have you been blocked by your ex and yet want to pursue them online? There are various reasons why someone might want to keep their Instagram stalking secret from that individual. If you’re looking for someone to talk to, this post is for you! You may access and download information from an Instagram account anonymously on a number of websites. Yes, what you just heard is true!

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One of the platforms is Pixwox. Any person’s account can be seen without their knowledge. You can download it with Pixwox regardless of whether it is a private or public account. However, some customers might still search for alternatives. If you wish to switch sides, you can review the list here.

Here’s the list of Alternatives to Pixwox for Instagram Profiles:

Below is a hand-picked selection of the top websites similar to Pixwox for downloading Instagram posts and reels. Instagram reels are available for anonymous download. You are not required to sign in to these websites using your Instagram account.


Do you need a tool to make your Instagram profile photo bigger? If so, you are in the proper location. You may view and enlarge using the software IZoomYou.

Without taking any action, the user can browse and even save Instagram stories, profile images, and posts to their mobile device. Given that you can view the profile photo in HD, it is thought to be the greatest Pixwox substitute. Even better, you may view, download, and save it in its original quality. One might not be able to view the profiles from a private account, though.

Alternatives to Pixwox for Instagram Profiles


Similar to Pixwox, Story Saver is a stylish program that can download Instagram stories from users. You can even become a professional stalker using it while remaining undetected. You can use it to download material such as IGTV, stories, and posts.

Even better, you may check the status of the download by entering your user name and pressing the download button. Additionally, you ought to pick the page’s currency article as one of its centrepieces. You don’t even need to sign in to use the platform. Its features are compatible with those of Snapinsta, another Pixwox alternative.


Without checking in, you may edit and view Instagram content with Picuki. Like Pixwox, the user can even read and edit Instagram stories, followers, posts, tags, locations, and profiles for an indefinite amount of time.

You may look through the Instagram hashtags or see who has liked and commented on each post. It is the greatest approach to take advantage of a number of special features that Pixwox might not even offer.


Dumpor is the best option for you if you enjoy watching Instagram stories in secret. With this Pixwox alternative, you can stalk someone else’s account without tipping them off. This allows you to continue stalking without having to reveal your identity.

By just typing the name into the search bar, Dumpor will assist you in finding the Instagram profile images, tags, and locations. You can examine the profile anonymously as well as like, follow, comment, and like.

Alternatives to Pixwox for Instagram Profiles


FastSave is the option you can pick if you desire a successful Instagram account. It will assist you in coming up with original ideas via the social media platform. The app will allow Instagram photos and videos to be downloaded to the device so they can be viewed without an online connection.

You may use the software to download Instagram photos, and you already know why people prefer it to Pixwox because it enables you to repost the downloaded images without any watermarks. On FastSave, you can access a huge amount of content that is unrestricted and available for download in any number.


Get the possibility to easily save the stories of the people you choose. You can download images and videos from the Instagram public account using the outstanding app Instore. You can even save countless stories, videos, and images with the aid of our Instagram downloader.

Even if you don’t download the stories from this Pixwox substitute, you can still use the app to take use of a number of other features. Even just posting photographs might help you create captions and hashtags.


Another option to Pixwox is Gramhir, which offers numerous more and improved ways to analyse and examine Instagram. The user will have the choice to secretly download stuff from Instagram for free. Yes! Given that users can download any amount of content, nobody will find out about anything.
You can also investigate and keep an eye on the content of other people’s accounts using the data that are provided. With your friends, you may enjoy using this content on Gramho.

Alternatives to Pixwox for Instagram Profiles


Similar to Pixwox, Imginn allows you to download your Instagram photos and videos. It is a backup tool that enables users to download Instagram pictures and videos using open APIs.

It is simple to transfer content from Instagram to a computer or mobile device. Even watching Instagram stories can be done anonymously. Like Pixwox, the user won’t need to log in to this platform. Therefore, use it hassle-free in the manner you choose.


InstaStories is next on the list of Pixwox alternatives you can find. It will enable you to watch and browse Instagram anonymously from users so that you may look up their usernames whenever you want and gain fast access to them. This is what makes it comparable to Pixwox, and you can take advantage of the situation better.


With the use of the stalker program Instalkr, you may view people’s stories anonymously. The audience won’t even know whose story they are witnessing. If you merely want to browse other people’s stuff without downloading it, it is Pixwox’s substitute.

You can monitor and spy on other Instagram users, as well as the accounts of those who have blocked your account. Not only that, but you can easily investigate a number of other items.

The Conclusion

These were some of the top Instagram downloaders that you can use as a Pixwox alternative to save videos or photographs from Instagram. Some of these programs won’t require you to register, yet they are secure.

However, in order to avoid issues and obtain what they want, a person must conduct thorough study and select the greatest Pixwox alternative.

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