Alphonse Season 2: Nicolas Bedos Appearance On Court For Sexual Assault Charge, Will there be Season 2?



The popular comedy-drama series that is directed by Nicolas Bedos has already gained a lot of popularity around the world. The show navigates this story around the light, and humor, and features overwhelming comedy for people to watch. We already know that comedy-drama series are massively popular around the world and there is no doubt that fans admire watching a show that will give them a good laugh.

The French streaming television series has officially released its first season and received mixed reviews from critics. In today’s article, we will be going to talk about the future potential of the show. With a lot of things running around the Internet, we are here to provide you with all the relevant information that will give you an insight into the series and will provide you with a truthful view of the show.

I know you guys have a lot of questions regarding the upcoming season of the series and in this section of the article, we will be going to talk about it.

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Genre Comedy drama
Written by
  • Jean Dujardin
  • Nicolas Bedos
Directed by Nicolas Bedos
  • Jean Dujardin
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg
  • Nicole Garcia
  • Pierre Arditi
  • Laura Morante
  • Francine Bergé
  • Marie-Christine Barrault
Composer Romain Trouillet
Country of origin France
Original language French
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 6
Producer Alain Goldman
Running time 47 – 54 minutes
Production companies
  • Banijay Entertainment
  • Montmartre Films
Network Amazon Prime Video
Release October 12, 2023 –

2 November 2023

Alphonse Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to be released?

The release date for the second installment of the series is not yet confirmed. I know there are a lot of people who are waiting to get confirmation regarding season two of this comedy drama series but you need to remember that the renewal of any show takes some time.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, we don’t have any updates that will confirm the future of the show. If there comes any news regarding season two of the series, the runner will update it to the science with the series being concluded. On a good note, there is no doubt that friends can expect the series to further explore the storyline.

As of now, we don’t have any updates regarding the series but if there comes anything, we will make sure to let you know through this article. If you are expecting a release date, you guys can suspect the show to get out in late 2024.

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Alphonse Season 2 Cast: Who will be in it?

Excited to check out the cast? Alphonse features an amazing cast and there is no doubt that viewers of the series are excited to watch the characters in the upcoming season of the show. If there comes the second installment of the series, we suspect the story will feature all the main characters that were there in the first season of the show. In the next few lines, we have details about these characters.

  • Jean Dujardin : Alphonse
  • Charlotte Gainsbourg : Margot
  • Nicole Garcia : Martha
  • Elsa Zylberstein : Eleonore Baumann
  • Pierre Arditi : Jacques Bisson
  • Francine Bergé : Adèle Clément
  • Marie-Christine Barrault : Eve Bragunier
  • Laura Morante : Laura Tomazi
  • Martine Chevallier : Elise Duthi
  • Vincent Macaigne : Wildred
  • Myriem Akheddiou : The psy
  • Lubna Azabal : Natacha Gemier
  • Olivier Barthélémy : Bruno
  • Nicole Calfan : Marianne
  • Anne Canovas : Marie
  • Michaël Cohen : Lucien Moreira
  • Chantal Neuwirth : Francoise Berleau

Nicolas Bedos, the Director Awaits Court Appearance On a Sexual Assault Charge

It was shocking news for the viewers of the series when they heard that the director of the show was charged with sexual assault.  Talking about the event,  the official says “Reconnecting with a father he barely knew, Alphonse, a man in his forties amid professional and marital turmoil, discovers a surprising calling.

His path will then intersect with a galaxy of women, each more fascinating and eccentric than the last, plunging him into the heart of a story that is both perilous, transgressive, and full of tenderness.”

We later learn how the lawyer of the director denied every question asked during the code and said “Such a gesture, which he does not remember, which would have occurred on the dance floor of a nightclub, could only have been accidental under the influence of intoxication,” she said.

Minkowski declined to comment further on these fresh accusations. Pressed for comment on the strategy and its response to the charges against Bedos, Prime Video replied with an official response: “It is up to the courts to establish the facts and we respect the fundamental principle of presumption of innocence.”

Alphonse Season 2 Official Trailer

Looking for an official trailer? We advise our leader to wait for a while so that the showrunner can confirm the revival status of the series. After the revival of the show is confirmed, you guys can anticipate the future of the show. Check out the official trailer of the series and find out everything regarding the show here.

Where to watch the show?

Alphonse is officially available on Amazon Prime video to watch. The streaming platform has already offered some of the best TV shows for viewers to watch and Alphonse is one of them. If you wish to watch the series then you need to take the subscription of the online platform.

Along with this, all these platforms have some of the best TV shows, movies, and web series for the viewers to go through. If you need any recommendations regarding the shows, then we are here to help you out.

What are the ratings of the show?

Whenever we talk about any series, we need to go through the online rating of the show. The online rating of the series will help you to understand the show better. Whenever we talk about any show, we need to see what the critics and audience have to say about the show. Here is the rating of the show that will help you to provide insightful news regarding the series.

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Unfortunately, we don’t have any updates that will confirm the future of the second installment of Alphonse. There are a lot of people who are excited to witness the release of the series and we know that you being one of them, eagerly awaiting to watch the show

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