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All the Recent Updates About New Game Season 3 that You Must Know:


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Get ready to acquire high-end information about a series, on which a game is also based. Its two seasons have been blockbuster on the big screen. Any idea regarding the anime name?….. We are talking about “New Game”.

In this article, we will share about New Game Season 3. So, continue reading till the end for obtaining all recent updates.

So, Let’s started:

New Game Season 3:

The comedy based Japanese series- New Game is created by Shotaro Tokuno. Initially, it was a manga series and it was adapted into television series by Doga kobo. The series’s first season was launched between July and September 2017 and the second season premiered between July and September 2017.

Considering its popularity, a game was launched in January 2017. Ever since the two episodes release, followers are looking for season 3.

So, Let’s move ahead towards New Game Season 3:

New Game Season 3: Is there any hope for its renewal?

Mercifully, there are low chances that the comedy series will renew. No doubt, creators are not excitingly entertaining the questions regarding season 3 but as per some considerations, it is possible that prediction will begin soon.

New Game

The demand for the season is quite high and everyone waiting for its sequel to comeback. For the series delay, one of the major reasons is the lack of availability of the source material. Hence, they were facing issues but the issue is sought out as recent manga volumes are released.

Now, the creators have enough material for producing its sequel. Once, the producers state all the data then this section will be updated for you with the exact details.

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When will New Game Season 3 will be out?

So far, none of the producers, showrunners, and presenters have confirmed the return of season 3. However, there are chances that the creators will begin the production every soon as there is no solid reason available with them to let it fall.

If it will be available, then it will only be ready to flourish on your screen in fall 2021. An estimate from our side…. Will share the launch date when it gets released by the makers.

See, how disappointed the supporters are:

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Is the Season 3 Trailer accessible?

Since the season sequel is not ready, so its first look is not yet released by the makers. The series is yet to confirm. Once, it is gets released then we will help you with it.

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Memorable Phrases from New Game:

  • “It’s rare to have good times without bad.” – Kou Yagami


  • “I may have the job with the most recognition, but it’s not like I can make everything myself.” – Kou Yagami


  • I’m lucky, Not everyone has someone looking out for them.” – Aoba Suzukaze


  • “Even if I fail, as long as I can accept the outcome, it’s okay.” – Aoba Suzukaze


  • “Everyone has something they contribute, no matter how small.” – Rin Toyama

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The article entirely focused on New Game Season 3 and assuming that your all queries are solved. We have shared everything that we know. If new updates come, then we will share them with you.

Till then, if you want support related to any other series or season then let us know. We will update the respective article or provide you with a new one.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will, there be a third season of the New Game?

The season is not yet confirmed and even the chances for its release are low. The situation can turn if the game based on it, stands as per the creator’s satisfaction. Still, we have a little hope, and with these words…waiting for the producer’s statement.

What type of anime is New Game?

New Game is a Japanese comedy manga series that is presented by Shotaro Tokuno. After this, its manga was adapted into anime by Doga Kobo. The series is fully enriched with comedy and slice of life, binding the audience with the storyline.

How many seasons are there in New Game?

As of now, there are only two seasons in New Game. Season 3 of New Game is on words but there is no exact information available for it.