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All the Old Knives: Release Date, Review, Trailer, Watch!


David Mudd

As part of his investigation into a terrorist hijacking in All the Old Knives, CIA agent Chris Pine confronts a former girlfriend (Thandiwe Newton).

All the Old Knives Release Date

Chris Pine, Thandiwe Newton, and Laurence Fishburne star in the suspenseful thriller All The Old Knives, which is available on Prime Video.

Today, on April 8th, 2022, All The Old Knives is released on Prime Video in the United States and select cinemas around the world.

In a theatrical spy thriller that isn’t quite as sophisticated as it thinks it is, former lovers square off against one another. In the film All the Old Knives, Chris Pine is seen interrogating Thandiwe Newton during a romantic supper, which has disastrous implications.

All the Old Knives

An harrowing terrorist hijacking is depicted in the film, which alters the direction of the couple’s passionate relationship. All the Old Knives, based on the novel by Olen Steinhauer, elicits visceral reactions from the audience with terrifying sequences aboard the kidnapped airliner.

Sadly, this doesn’t transfer over to the trite mystery that serves as the central story device. To reach a conclusion that was clear in the first act, the film moves at a painfully slow pace.

In 2012, Islamic militants hijacked a Turkish airliner, Flight 127, at Vienna International Airport, causing it to crash. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) station in the US embassy is activated. Terrorists target innocent people in order to demonstrate their seriousness. They document their brutality on the internet and in the media.

Vick Wallinger (Laurence Fishburne), a former Vienna station chief, now works at the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. He recruits covert spy Henry Pelham (Chris Pine).

Both of these gentlemen were members of the Vienna team. New information has emerged that suggests that the terrorists may have received assistance from someone on the inside. Henry is tasked by Wallinger with conducting an investigation into two former agents on their squad.

Celia Harrison (Celia Harrison) is a protégé of Bill Compton (Jonathan Pryce), who is his second in command (Thandiwe Newton). She was Henry’s girlfriend at the time of the incident, and she dumped him and left the agency shortly after.

When Henry flies to Carmel, California, to interview Celia, he encounters a problem. Who is now married and the mother of two small children. For supper, they convene at a posh restaurant on the water’s edge.

The ex-lovers first try to keep their feelings buried, but old flames remain ablaze. Then he wants her to tell him everything she remembers about that fateful day in her life. Celia is concerned about the possibility that she and Bill are being investigated.

Because of the mole’s betrayal, innocent victims were killed in cold blood. She is well aware of the severe punishment that awaits those who are guilty.

All the Old Knives Trailer

All the Old Knives Have Time Jumps

Each and every one of The Old Knives jumps forward and backward in time. We get to experience the hijacking and the events leading up to it through the eyes of the many characters’ different points of view.

Scenes of Henry and Celia remembering their strong desire for each other are interspersed throughout the present-day dinner as well. The ultimate goal is for Henry to uncover the truth and determine whether or not Celia betrayed her country. Alternatively, she could be innocent and someone else has skilfully set her up as a suspect.

If it weren’t for some critical revelations at the opening of the film, the story of two lovers ripped apart by tragedy and espionage may have worked. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice that these indications cast a bright early light on the identity of the mole. This one does not necessitate the use of Sherlock Holmes.

Then you have to wade through the dinner’s mushy recollections in order to find out what is going on with the main players. The pace of these sequences is slow. Because of the frequent cuts to the Vienna hijacking, their banality is exaggerated. Not only that, but the film never provides a baseline exposition for their romance, which makes things more worse.

We just know that they are a couple who are always making out while dealing with Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who are murdering people in the name of Islam.

All the Old Knives

The violent scenes that take place inside the plane are difficult to watch. The graphic imagery evokes a connection to the events of September 11th, which didn’t sit well with me. Filmmakers must use caution when dealing with these topics and portrayals. It felt a little exploitative at this place.

Production companies Barry Linen Motion Pictures, Big Indie Pictures, Entertainment One, and Amazon Studios collaborated on the production of All the Old Knives.

All the OId Knives Watch

It will be available for viewing on April 8th, exclusively through Amazon Prime Video.

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