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All of Us Are Dead Ending : What Happened in the End of All of Us Are Dead?

One more jaw-dropping (and excessively biting) South Korean series has arrived on Netflix, and it is hoped that it will generate as much interest as “Squid Games.” This time, we're taken to a whole new level of horror as we go through the character-forming horrors of high school. During a zombie outbreak that begins in their very own science classroom, a group of teenagers band together and form the film “All of Us Are Dead.” In an attempt to assist his son in fighting back against the bullies who controlled his life, a father went too far in his efforts — and the world paid a high price as a result.

All of Us Are Dead Ending

Familial relationships are shattered, difficult decisions are made, and friends are left to become the main course in a nightmare that eventually spreads beyond the school's walls and into neighboring cities. But what was left for the survivors we'd been stuck with for 12 grueling episodes, and did any of them have a chance at a brighter tomorrow? The question is whether they will return for a second season, which would be a terrifying prospect.

School's out forever

Hyosan High's heroes manage to escape ground zero for the zombie virus after spending far too much time after school than is customary. This is only possible because of some heartbreaking sacrifices made by the students. The class that the show began with has seen a significant decline in numbers, and it suffers its most significant setback when Cheong-san (Harrison Xu) is given the cold shoulder. In pursuit of Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo), a bloodthirsty bully who has transformed into a human-zombie hybrid due to the virus, Cheong-san is bitten by his adversary, effectively sealing his fate and setting the stage for a final showdown between the two characters.

In order to divert attention away from the rest of his friends' attempts to flee, Cheong-san fights Gwi-Nam at an abandoned construction site, dodging zombies and other obstacles like a parkour pro, just as the military launches an airstrike to target specific areas. Despite the fact that Gwi-Nam succeeds in capturing Cheong-attention, san's hero makes sure to take the monster with a mullet with him as they both tumble down an elevator shaft just as a missile decimates the surrounding area. Our hero is no longer with us. Keep an eye out for him as he plummets to the ground floor, never to be seen again.

All of Us Are Dead Ending

Nam So-ju leads the way

One thing to take away from “All of Us Are Dead” is that while the kids may be fine during this hellish landscape, any teacher or parent who is associated with them will have a difficult time. Nam So-ju (Jeon Bae-soo), a daring firefighter father, makes a tragic case for this when, after fighting his way back out of quarantine and into Hyosan, he finally manages to reach his daughter and pays the ultimate price for his efforts.

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No sooner has he been reunited with On-jo (Victoria Grace) after rescuing her from the gymnasium than he begins to block off the zombie horde in order for her and her friends to escape while being chewed to pieces in the process. We're not crying, to be completely honest.

That his plan to get his daughter to safety continues after his death is even more poignant, as the students discover a path to safety shortly after the airstrike thanks to the ribbons he tied around trees on the mountainside, which he had tied around trees on the mountainside. The moment On-jo notices her father's misplaced torch nearby, she realizes he was here all along and that this was part of his plan all along to get them safely(ish) into Yangdong. When it comes to Dad of the Year, we don't want to know about any better candidates so early in the process of selecting the winner.

The Final Stretch Is a Living Hell.

Having made it to Yangdong, the team suffers one final setback in the form of Woo-jin (Son Sang-Yeon), who sacrificed himself in order to put himself between his sister, Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), and a pair of zombies. With the noble death taking its toll on the badass with a bow, it's understandable that Woo-jin finds himself back on his feet in full-blown zombie mode. Because they are unable to deliver the fatal blow, the task is instead handed over to Nam-era (Cho Yi-Hyun) to complete.

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In response to the task, the hambie experiences an insatiable hunger for human flesh, which she fights against even when On-jo performs the BFF act of offering herself to her in order to quench her thirst. Nam-a maintains her composure as she accepts that she will be unable to remain with the group and returns to the virus-infected streets of Yangdong, leaving them behind. From there, the group finally makes it to the quarantine zone, where they are interrogated and forced to explain themselves to the governmental authorities.

The horrors that this group has experienced together have caused them to mature more quickly than the majority of people, and they are not afraid to express their opinions about it. In the end, On-statement jo's is without a doubt the most memorable, as she makes a promise that she “will never ask adults for anything again.” The perspective she takes as she confronts the powers that be who have abandoned her town and the few survivors who remain is terrifying but completely understandable in this situation.

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Nam-ra Finds a New Life in Death

Four months after the events of Hyosan High, the survivors are still attempting to maintain quarantine as word of the virus that brings the dead back to life continues to spread around the world. As they struggle to survive, On-jo and his companions are some of the best-dressed refugees you've ever seen, but the scars from the traumatic events they've experienced are still visible.

Hope, on the other hand, comes in the form of a distant light that On-jo believes to be Nam-ra, who appears to be lighting a fire that they both promised to gather around once this is all over. She discusses her theory with Su-hyuk, who then informs the rest of the group that On-jo intends to return to the restricted zone in order to find their friend.

All of Us Are Dead Ending

Su-hyuk then leaves the group. Together, they cross the wall and return to their old school, where Nam-ra, as On-jo suspected, is still hiding in the shadows. She reveals that she has accepted her place in the world and has come to terms with who she is as a result of this process. Whenever her friends inquire as to what she intends to do in the future, she replies that she hopes to assist others who are still living in abandoned areas, just as she is. As the story of the snarling zombie-infected students comes to a close, Nam-ra leaps off the rooftop into the unknown, and hopefully into another season.

What Happened at the End of All of Us Are Dead?

We also have Nam-ra (Cho Yi-Hyun), despite the fact that she was never completely transformed. One of the most moving scenes in this finale is when the students finally make it into town and are no longer under the control of the school. A showdown with the last few zombies leaves Nam-ra separated from the rest of the group, causing her to purposefully lag behind them.

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