“All Hail” Netflix Review And Analysis ?


Aditi Narendra

Synopsis Of  The Movie “All Hail”

The title of the Argentinian comedy All Hail on Netflix has two meanings: It makes reference to a well-known TV weather forecaster who, although receiving praise for his precise predictions (that’s one meaning), sees his work take a turn for the worse when he predicts a damaging hailstorm (that’s the other meaning). A thrown ice ball struck you square in the nose. Is this too much farce, then? Or simply adequate? Let’s investigate.

What Is The Gist Of Movie “All Hail”?

An old home movie from 1997 shows a woman, who is presumably someone’s mother, having fun until she suddenly seems to be struck by lightning. Yipes. Miguel (Guillermo Francella) feels ecstatic in the present. He resides in a condo that would make stalkers on Zillow priapism. He converses with Osvaldo, his favorite goldfish, who has a sizable aquarium all to himself. Miguel is widely regarded as the best weathercaster in Buenos Aires, and tonight he will pass a new professional milestone when he transitions from newscasting to hosting his own program, The Great Weather Show.

all hail

He can hardly make it a block to his cab without anyone else approaching him on the road for a selfie or to talk about the sun, the clouds, the rain, or any other weather-related topic. When people claim they can just verify the prediction on their weather app, Miguel laughs them off since he is a true meteorologist, a scientist who has been thoroughly studied and has degrees and experience. And as a result, his predictions have never, ever, ever, ever been off.

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Not even once, sorry. Take that one in! Miguel describes himself as “infallible” as a result, and he creates his own show’s opening line: “With you evening, the magnificent weatherman – the man who puts deities to their knees!” This is the kind of person, we’re all thinking, who needs to be knocked down about 600 notches. With the exception of his vanity and the reality that his adult daughter, who lives in Cordoba from across the nation, keeps phoning him and he only half-listens to the voice messages, he seems like a pretty decent guy. However, he never returns her calls. He must be too occupied tending to his fishes.

A taxi driver named Luis (Peto Menahem), who keeps his car pristine, endures his comical wife’s constant nagging, and has to endure his elderly father-in-frequent law’s and loud wishes for death, is one of Miguel’s biggest fans. It sounds like his life is miserable, but at least he has Miguel to adore on television—something that has never been saying about a weather forecaster in real life.

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Miguel’s debut performance is successful despite having to share the stage with a vivacious Instagram star and her small chihuahua, which was added by his producer for cross-generational appeal. He claims that there will be clear skies tonight, and sure enough, the city is hit with golf-ball-sized hail within hours, completely CREAMING its maize. Miguel slept through it completely. When he awakens, he is immediately a pariah; all he needs is ice. Science fell short for him. And now his life is in disarray: His producer pushes him off the program and hands the new one to the influencer dingus. All of his admiring onlookers hold him responsible for their windows broken and animal carcasses (don’t ask). Outside his residential complex, a group of protesters holding signs and yelling for – what? His head mounted on a spear?

What Is Rotten Tomatoes Rating Of “All Hail”?

The Tomatometer has given 40% to “All Hail”.

Where Has The Movie “All Hail” Taken Place?

Miguel Flores is forced to go to Buenos Aires after he fails to predict a hail storm.

What Is The Genre Of The Movie “All Hail”?

The Genre of the movie “All Hail” is Drama.

What Is The Final Call For The Movie “All Hail”?

The central idea of All Hail—wanting to stone the weatherman in the middle of the street for one awful dumb wrong prognostication—is so fundamentally flawed and unbelievable that it marred otherwise watchable parts of the film. Although the protagonists are likable thanks to some strong performances, the silly plot makes their feelings seem unreal. It’s possible that the movie is mocking the social media era’s lightning-fast, viral propagation of ridiculous ideas, or it’s trying to make a point about, ugh, “cancellation culture,” but that evaluation feels way too kind.

All Hail

Not because it’s thrilling or original, but for a while, the movie is completely unpredictable. It clings to an illogical logic that borders on absurdity as if the creators tried to come up with an original idea (there aren’t too many movies about meteorologists out there) without pausing to think about whether this lunacy would result in an entertaining farce or frequently rolled eyes.

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The Luis subplot goes it’s nowhere until it touches down on the movie’s only reasonable quip. Miguel meets a bizarre man that has a more natural, instinctive idea of what to expect in the weather, a pro, pro-woo-woo assertion that just touched me the wrong way. The movie heart is a tired old father-daughter interconnection story that continues to struggle to gain any traction.