All-American Rejects Controversy: All of Their Controversies Explained


Riya Arya

The All-American Rejects are an American rock band from Stillwater, Oklahoma. The band was first formed in the year 1999. The band includes lead vocalist and bassist Tyson Ritter, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Nick Wheeler, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Mike Kennerty, and drummer Chris Gaylor. Wheeler and Ritter serve are band’s songwriters.

The band has gone through some scandals. Not only once or twice but there have been many times since the band has been a part of Controversies, that too several times. Whether it is about their bad behavior on stage or their videos encouraging violence, the band has been into spotlight for its controversial scenarios. Let’s explore each and every incident that took place in the form of controversy.

Mike Kennerty Departure

Mike Kennerty, who was a great guitarist of the band. However, The All-American Rejects announced the departure of their guitarist in the year 2012, Mike Kennerty said he left due to private reasons. Fans were shocked about cause of leaving.

Many fans have assumed that the reason behind his exit is due to the conflict between him and other members in the band. However, everyone denied the allegations and stated that his exit has nothing to do with any conflict and it was because of his personal reasons.

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The All-American Rejects once released a music video for their song “Gives You Hell” in the year 2009. The music was highly criticized for the sensitive content. It caused controversy among their fans. The video featured violent and very disturbing scenes, like a man being hit by a car and a woman setting fire to her ex-boyfriend’s house. The video was unbearable to watch for fans as it contains too sensitive content.

All-American Rejects Controversy

Ritter Was Alleged Of S*xual Misconduct

A Twitter user accused Tyson Ritter, the lead vocalist of the All-American Rejects, of s*xual advances in the year 2018. The accuser revealed while making allegations that Ritter had wrong intentions sexually toward her during a show in 2013.

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However Ritter denied all the allegations. He took his social media in order to express a statement for the accusations made against him. He claimed the accusations were false.

Tyson Ritter Struck A Fan

A concert that took place in Brazil in 2009, Tyson Ritter struck a fan in the face with his microphone. The incident was recorded and went viral, sparked controversy among fans. Ritter then issued an apology.

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All-American Rejects cancelled European tour

The All-American Rejects canceled the show, European tour in 2006 due to some circumstances. Fans got very angry over this and the tour was canceled due to low ticket sales. However the band denied it and said personal reasons were the cause of cancellation.


The All-American Rejects have faced many controversies during their career, but with the mutual understanding, apologies and explanations, They faced all the challenges.

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