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Alita: Battle Angel:What Factors Can Hinder Release Of Sequel

Alita: Battle Angel 2: Will Fans Get Another Sequel?

Alita: Battle Angel 2 is a cyber action movie intensely inspire by the Japanese manga artist Yukito’s video animations.

Produced by the very famous James Cameron, Alita is apparently, a teenager who delves into self-exploration.

With hooking action scenes and a plot not as cringey as many labels it to be, Alita: Battle Angel 2, not having another sequel is pretty disappointing.

And this is not just me saying. The Alita Battle star Christopher Waltz is equally surprising and disappointed.

What Is It About

For all I could remember, Alita Battle Angel had been in news for over 2 years.

The last time I heard of it nearing to a release date, it was 2017.

Alita: Battle Angel

I remember being in college and getting ecstatic because of the coming together of two talents, James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez.

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It’s Highs And Lows

Talking about its perpetual visuals and action scenes, Alita Battle Angel stands out as a decent movie, if not overly phenomenal.

I read somewhere that the movie was at times painfully adult-like and at times too childish for any views, per se.

I couldn’t make sense of it, nevertheless. I’d honestly give it a 7 out of 10.

I mean, it did gross 40 crores, made on a budget of 17. Excusable much, no?

I used to read Manga when I was a teenager. With its monochromic artistic presentation, it was exceedingly calming to the senses.

Similarly, the character of Alita stood out as someone who knew what she wanted and how to fetch what she wanted.

A no-nonsense woman, in a period of self-discovery, treading on the cryptic path of life, figuring things out.

Alita: Battle Angel

Will There Really Be A Sequel?

So now that Disney had purchased Alita Battle Angel from Fox, it all lies in their hands.

Given, there are millions who are fans of the Manga adaption, I barely think we wouldn’t get a sequel.

The protagonist, Rosa, in 2019 had talked about not hearing anything about the sequel so we’re guessing we wouldn’t be hearing of one, anytime soon as well.

There’s just half a story been told in the first release. Scenes having Hugo and Motorball are yet to be shown till the final cut.

The script hasn’t been written. Production hasn’t start for the sequel. And we are stuck in a Corona-hit world.

Pray they subside and give us fans, a treat for a lifetime?

Way to go, Alita!

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