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Alita Battle Angel 2: Fan Theories For The Sequel, Release Date, Cast Details


David Mudd

The sequel of one of the most excellent movie of all time, Alita: Battle Angel has no confirmation yet. But, with the movie plot, every one among us can predict a sequel of this story. Amongst all the chaos going around in the world, fans are finding their calm in predicting stories to this fantastic movie. 

Fan Theories 

Alita is a story of the cyborg warrior who is ready to explore the world. As per manga source materials, the story we saw in the first part is not the end. Creators have so much left to show to the world. Fans are expecting to see the City of Zalem, which was the teasing part in the first movie. 

According to manga sources and theories of fans, we will se Rosa Salazar’s character travelling to the magical city of Zalem. She will explore the floating city and encounter many famous characters there. 

Alita Battle Angel

She isn’t alone in this roller coaster ride of adventure. We will she Salazar’s father figure, Dr Dyson travelling with her. Fans are expecting to experience a futuristic cyberpunk world. At the end of the first movie, we saw Alita winning the Motorball tournament and getting all the money she needs to travel to Zalem. 

She also honoured the death of her love Hugo and planned to take revenge against the evil Nova. Her father figure will be her companion throughout the journey. It is entirely predictable because he is the only person who knows best about the city.

Dr Dyson suffered exile from Zalem earlier in the series. 

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The Cast of Alita: Battle Angel 2

There are no expectations regarding change of cast. Rosa Salazar will play and rule her character as Alita. We will see Christopher Waltz as Dr Dyson Ido. Edward Norton plays Nova, the villain. We are yet to see how and when Nova and Alita are going to face each other.


Alita Battle Angel

Fans are in anticipation of any new character will be there in the sequel. 

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Release Date 

Fans have signed a petition on to demand a sequel of this manga movie. They also flew a new banner for #AlitaSequel at the Oscars in 2020. Disney is preparing for the same. We can expect the film around 2023 at the earliest.