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Alita Battle Angel 2 : Cast, Release Date, Everything You Need To Know!

Alita Battle Angel is back with another part. So, you might be worked up to find what this part will be about. Here are your answers to it.

This movie is based on the Japanese manga series. People have been quite interested in how the events have rolled out in the previous part.

So, with this new part, fans have great expectations. They want to know what exactly is going around. To solve their queries here is some information about the Alita Battle Angel Season 2.

This movie is going to be a blast now. So, keep your hype up. Read more to know about all the information that we have fo the movie so far.

Alita: Battle Angel

All The Information About The Movie Alita Angel Battle

This movie is based on a Japanese manga series. It is directed by James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez. This has been a pretty great movie.

So, fans are delighted with the news of the second part. The show deals with a teenager Alita. It is about her life and how she tries to find out about her past.

Henceforth, she develops her identity. The movie series has been based on a lot of plot twists. Moreover, there have been various obstacles in her path.

Considerably, the first part was very well accepted by the fans. So, the second part seemed quite obvious.

Alita Battle Angel

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Release Date Of Alita Angel Battle 2

Fans are pretty excited for the sequel of the movie. They want it to happen as soon as possible. However, much to their dismay, there is no official notice about the same.

The authorities are yet to confirm the official date of the movie. And now with the global pandemic, it will be put on a halt. So, you should not expect it very soon.

However, it will release pretty quickly after the chaos of the pandemic ends.

Expected Cast Of Alita Angel Battle 2

The entire cast of the movie is not yet confirmed. However, there are a few names that we are pondering on.

It is expected that Rosa Salazar will come back as Alita for the sequel. This is something all the fans would want.

Alita Battle Angel

Moreover, you will see Edward Norton as Nova. Christopher Waltz will also come in as Dr. Dyson Ido.

He plays Alita’s dad, also a cyber scientist. You will also see many new faces. So, stay hooked for more information.

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