Here Is All You Need To Know About Husband Of Taylor Hawkins



Taylor Hawkins is best remembered for his time spent playing drums with the Foo Fighters.

On March 25, 2022, the well-known singer and songwriter passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind his family, which included his wife Alison and their three children.

Who Is Alison Hawkins

Taylor Hawkins’ long-term lover was Alison Hawkins, an American illustrator. They eventually got married.

According to Meaww, the pair were married in 2005 and then moved in together in Hidden Hills, California, once they were officially married.

Alison’s life and the details of it are mostly unknown, in contrast to Taylor’s reputation for keeping his personal life strictly confidential.

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In 2019, however, the band made a reference to her in the song “I Really Blew It,” which was included on the album “Get the Money.”

When asked about his marriage to Alison Hawkins at the time, Taylor told the Sydney Herald, “I married Alison Hawkins in 2005.” There are three of them in our family.

“There’s a song on the album ‘Get the Money’ called ‘I Really Blew It,’ and it’s for the guys who think they can beat their wives in an argument!

“I can only speak for myself, but the fact that the woman holds the authority means that the man will always come out on top.”

How Many Children They Have Together

The couple’s children are Oliver, who is 16 years old, Annabelle, who is 13, and Everleigh, who is 8 years old.

Taylor has stated multiple times during his career that his family is the primary source of inspiration for his songs, including his most recent album.

In 2019, he disclosed the fact that his daughter Annabelle, who is now 13 years old, was the inspiration behind the song Middle Child.

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He revealed this information to Joe Daly, saying, “At that time, my daughter was like, ‘You have to have a song for me!'” I responded by saying, “Well, I don’t know.” You are the middle child, and right now you are acting like a middle child would by seeking attention and approval. I say this because you are the middle child.

“‘Which I get because Shane is always getting into trouble and the baby’s [daughter Everleigh] cute as f**k, so you’re in the thick of it all,'” she said.

“But you’re like my twin, too,” the other person said. In all honesty, she is. After that, the thought occurred to me, “Why don’t I just call the song Middle Child?”

What Has Taylor Hawkins’ Family Made On His Passing

After the unexpected demise of Taylor, the Foo Fighters asked that his “wife, children, and family” be given privacy during this difficult time.

On March 25, a joint statement was made to Twitter by the other band members of the band expressing their “devastation” over the “untimely passing” of Hawkins, who had reached the age of 50 when he passed away.

The following is an excerpt from the statement released by the Foo Fighters: “His musical spirit and infectious humour will go on with us forever.”

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“Our hearts go out to his wife, children, and family, and we ask that their privacy be treated with the utmost respect in this unbelievably painful time.” “We ask that their privacy be treated with the utmost respect in this incredibly difficult time.”

It didn’t take long for tributes to begin pouring in online from fans and peers of Taylor’s, including Ozzy Osbourne, Billy Idol, and a number of others.

Ozzy, who is 73 years old, wrote in a tweet, “@TaylorHawkins was truly a wonderful person and an incredible musician.”

“I want his wife, his children, his family, his band, and all of his fans to know that my heart, my love, and my sympathies go out to you.” “Ozzy, we’ll catch up with you on the other side.”

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This emotion was mirrored by Billy, who is 66 years old. He tweeted a picture of the native Texan and wrote, “So awful. May you rest in peace, Taylor.

Tom Morello, guitarist for the band Rage Against the Machine, posted a picture of himself and Taylor on Twitter along with the caption, “God bless you, Taylor Hawkins.” I admired your fearless rock force and how free-spirited you were. Dear Friend, “May You Rest in Peace.”