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The pairing of Dave Franco and Alison Brie exemplifies the perfect celebrity couple. The couple initially connected at the beginning of 2011, and have been together ever since. The way in which the pair speaks about one another has their admirers in a state of wonder. Franco is best recognised for his performance in The Disaster Artist, a film that he co-starred in alongside James Franco. In addition to his role in Neighbors, Franco is best known for this performance.

Recent events have resulted in him assuming the post of director for the very first time. In addition, the actress has made guest appearances on a number of different television shows and films, such as Sleeping with Other People and Spin Me Round, and she has had a significant role on a number of different television programmes, including Glow and Community.

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A Timeline of the Relationship Between Alison Brie and Dave Franco:

Over the course of their careers, Franco and Brie have collaborated on a number of critically acclaimed films. It has been announced that Franco will make his directorial debut with The Rental, starring Brie, and that the two will soon begin working on a new project together.

It is really sweet to witness how much support both celebs have for one another, and the tale of how they fell in love is very moving. The relationship that Alison Brie has had with Dave Franco may be traced back through the years using the following timeline.

Alison Brie And Dave Franco Relationship Timeline

2011 Mardi Gras was where Alison Brie and Dave Franco first met

Before he started dating Alison, Dave was reportedly involved in romantic relationships with other actors working in the profession, one of which being the “Glee” star Diana Agron. In 2011, he and Alison had a chance encounter at Mardi Gras, which is widely regarded as one of the most joyous celebrations on the planet. On the other hand, he was fixated on her.

When Alison’s friend Jules proposed that the two of them get together, the two of them ended up meeting at the airport when they were their route to New Orleans. The two of them started their whirlwind romance as soon as they accepted the other person’s request to begin a relationship that only lasted for a brief period of time.

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Dave Franco reenacted his first date with Alison Brie during his 2015 marriage proposal

After their initial encounter at Mardi Gras, it didn’t take long for Alison and Dave to come to the conclusion that they wanted to take their vacation fling to the next level. Following spending close to five years together as a pair, the Neighbors star thought it was finally time to pop the question to his girlfriend after the trip. The couple started dating not long after the vacation ended.

As part of his proposal, Dave included a reference to the first date he and Alison had together, which took place in New Orleans. Alison wore a silver mask throughout the night as the evening drew on. This allowed her and Dave to engage in humorous back-and-forths as they tried to figure out what the show was all about.

Dave wore the same mask when he proposed to Alison in Big Sur, California, where Alison was living at the time. However, after wearing the show, Dave’s plan for a symbolic proposal rapidly broke apart and he had to come up with a new one.

Alison Brie And Dave Franco Relationship Timeline

Alison has had a sense of freedom after her marriage to Dave Franco, which she revealed in March 2017

The artistic couple did not place a high priority on getting married prior to coming together, but they were convinced that their romance would last forever, regardless of how long it took for them to come together. According to a claim that was published in the media, the pair is said to have tied the knot in a low-key ceremony in March of 2017. Alison raved about how the major milestone had transformed her life and how it had made a great difference to her, but the laid-back pair didn’t put on a big show on their big day because it wasn’t important to them.

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The couple has made it clear that they do not intend to grow their family in June of 2018

Alison and Dave had been married for a year when they had a conversation about their relationship, the decisions that they had made as a pair, and the changes that had occurred in their relationship. The actress from “Mad Men,” who was featured on the front cover of “The Sunday Times” in June 2018, disclosed the news that she and her husband Dave did not intend to start a family while they were married.

Alison has indicated that the decision to become a pet parent has had less of an impact on her profession, therefore the pair is said to be content with their decision.

Alison Brie And Dave Franco Relationship Timeline

In July of 2020, Alison was there to support Dave as he directed his debut feature film

Since Dave and Alison began dating, they have worked together on a number of different projects. These projects range from simple to complex. They had been married for a year when they had the opportunity to feature alongside James Franco in The Disaster Artist in 2017, which was their first full year as a married couple.

They didn’t wait long to make another movie after The Little Hours was released; in fact, it was only a few months later. On the other hand, the two individuals did finally get together, but it was under quite different conditions when it came to their second endeavour. They are going to share a leading role in the forthcoming film, The Rental, which is scheduled to make its debut in July of 2020.

In addition to contributing to the writing of the film, David made his debut as a filmmaker with this terrifying flick. Dave stated that even though this wasn’t their first time writing together, he would not have been able to make it through such a difficult process without the support of his devoted wife. This wasn’t their first time writing together.

The beginning of production on Alison Brie and Dave Franco’s passion project, Quarantine, took place in 2020–2021

Alison and Dave had an unexpectedly large amount of spare time that they could put into the production of another movie. The romantic comedy screenplay that they developed during their outbreak of Coronavirus served as the basis for the film Somebody I Used to Know.

She did not discuss the project with Dave in the year 2020, but she did tell him that their professional relationship prompted them to fantasise about filming a romantic comedy together. As a direct consequence of this, the two screenwriters spent a significant amount of time investigating a number of other romantic comedies prior to composing their own during the process of writing.

Alison Brie And Dave Franco Relationship Timeline

After five years of marriage, in the month of August 2022, Alison Brie discusses how effectively she and Dave Franco communicate with one another

Alison and Dave celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in March of 2022, which was also the fifth anniversary of their marriage. It is impossible to learn how the couple marked this significant occasion because they have a well-known reputation for keeping their private lives hidden from the public eye. However, after the couple had celebrated their anniversary, Alison divulged a tidbit on her marriage.

She stated that she stressed the significance of making full use of one’s vocabulary whenever the opportunity arose during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. She stated that it has assisted both her and her spouse in remaining resilient as a result.

In January 2023, a drunk version of Alison Brie will appear in a promotional clip for the movie “Somebody I Used to Know”

Someone I Used to Know, the romantic comedy that Dave and Alison wrote and directed, had its first press run in January of 2023. In the future movie that will be released in 2020, Alison will be the only one shown on camera, despite the fact that she and Ryan collaborated on the script for the project. In the synopsis of the film, Alison’s character, referred to as “Ally,” is described as a “workaholic” who is attempting to come to terms with the decisions she has made in the past.

In the film, Jay Ellis, who previously appeared on Insecure, plays Ally’s ex-boyfriend Sean, and the plot centres on their relationship. Although Alison and Dave won’t be shown together as lovers on screen for their passion project, the film has provided them with an opportunity to reflect on the beginning of their relationship and has allowed them to reminisce about those times.

Alison uploaded a video on Thursday, January 12 of her and Dave sharing an mp3 audio clip from 2013 that she had uncovered. In the video, they share the audio clip that she had found. Alison can be heard incoherently expressing her appreciation to Dave for being a part of her life in a clip that is captured. A few years later, the actor from the film 6 Balloons was able to see the drunken message that his wife had written to him by unlocking his phone and entering the phrase “Alison drunk.”

Someone I Used to Know is scheduled to be made available on Amazon Prime in the month of February 2023. The fans of the duo are looking forward to watching their newest collaboration and are hopeful that they will continue to make films together in the future. Are you a member of that group of fans? We would appreciate it if you would share in the comments.

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