Coronation Street Airs Alina Final Twist As She Leaves



Ruxandra Porojnicu, well known for her role as Alina Pop in Coronation Street, has announced her departure from the ITV serial after just two years. In this article, we will be talking about Alina from Coronation Street, How she departed from the show? What exactly happened in the last episode? How Ruxandra who played Alina in Coronation Street felt and also what she had to say during her final goodbye from this ITV serial.

Alina Pop (Ruxandra Porojnicu) departed in a cab after telling Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) she was pregnant in dramatic scenes that aired on Wednesday night’s (September 16) hour-long special episode of Coronation Street.

After Hope, Tyrone’s daughter (Isabella Flanagan), set fire to Alina’s apartment, the couple had been growing apart. Fortunately, Alina escaped the fire unharmed, but she has found it difficult to forgive Hope for the loss of her unborn child. Things changed, though, when Tyrone finally told his ex-girlfriend Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) how he really felt about her, and Jennie promptly announced on social media that those scenes would be her last.

Even though Ruxandra’s last scene in the soap wasn’t on Wednesday’s episode which aired on September 16, the actress went on Instagram after the show to confirm she was leaving.

Ruxandra shared a picture of herself and her on-screen boyfriend Tyrone outside the Rovers Return with the 61,000 people who follow her.

alina coronation street

The actress wrote, “And that’s a wrap on Corrie.” “Thank you to everyone who cheered me on and helped me. It was so important.”

She went on to say, “I worked with some of the finest people, who are not only extremely talented but very humble and caring,”

“They made me feel welcome and a part of this beautiful family. TA EVERYONE!

“People up north are well nice!” she concluded. (sic)

Colson Smith, one of Ruxandra’s co-stars, wrote, “All the best, Rox!” in response to her post.

The actress who plays Toyah, Georgia Taylor, wrote, “Oh darling, you’re like sunshine. You’ve been a joy. All the best for the future, you beaut.”  (sic)

Fans also wrote messages of support for Ruxandra. One fan, Josh David, said, “Best of luck, great actress. Will you ever come back?”

“Oh no, you can’t go!” Maria Elizabeth wrote. Why?? How??? Where???? “Don’t leave!”

At the same time Caitlin said, “You were my fav.” I’m going to cry.”

In the final scene of the double feature that took place on September 16th, Tyrone spoke to Alina while she was riding in a cab on her way to the airport.

“Alina!” shouted Tyrone. “What was the matter with you? Why didn’t you tell me you were pregnant?”

As a kind of retaliation, Alina responded by stating, “You have nothing to do with me.” “You believe I’ll catch you, but I won’t,” the other person replied.

alina coronation street

Alina was joking with the mechanic that the baby might not be Tyrone’s during the time that Tyrone was trying to persuade Alina to stay. She joked that the baby might not be his.

Alina became enraged and declared, “This baby will have nothing to do with you.” “Now, get that through your thick head as fast as you can.”

Tyrone insisted, “But I’m the father,” while Alina said, “Says who?”

She went on to say, “Now you can see why it’s not nice when someone hurts you.”

“Isn’t it already in my possession?” Tyrone asked.

The response from Alina was, “Of course, it’s yours.” “I’m not one to throw it around like you and Fiz do,” she said.

Alina rebuffed Tyrone’s impassioned entreaties to negotiate a custody plan for the infant by telling him in a chilly tone: “Over my dead body. I have no doubt that Fiz will be able to set that up as well.” So that is all about Alina in Coronation Street who just did farewell to the audience.

ITV’s Coronation Street will resume airing this coming Friday at 7.30 o’clock in the evening.