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Alien Covenant 2: Will There Be Any Chance for a 2017 Film Sequel?

Is there any chance for the return of Alien Covenant 2 or 2017 film Alien Covenant horror film sequel? In the past there were many talk about the next movie or the sequel by the production team but will the sequel came until this time?

No, till this time there is no news heard about the sequel or prequel of Aliens movie which is going to be the direct sequel of Prometheus or Alien Covenant 2 to continue the story in new movie.

It was heard that Ridley Scott will continue and start making the next movie if the Alien Covenant 2017 sci-fiction thriller film would hit the box offices and he will made new installment in next 14 months, but where is the film, why it hasn’t happened yet.

Alien Covenant Will Ever Get the Sequel or Not?

alien covenant sequel

There are many questions revolving in the mind of the readers will they get more to see in the Alien Franchise after Prometheus and Alien Covenant 2017 which is the prequel to the 2012 movie.

As you all know that Alien Convenant is the prequel to the Prometheus film, in which more dangerous and different aliens ie. Xenomorphs aliens are depicted and this movie is more dangerous and thriller to the audience as compared to its prior movie Prometheus.

In both movies ending of the movie is sad as in both movie actress die in the ending with the hands of David as he was the villain who made his Xenomorph aliens army and if they want to make another movie new actress is needed in the third movie or the Alien Covenant sequel.

What are your opinions about the sequel to the Alien Covenant, will we ever get the sequel in future to give a perfect ending to the film. Will you get to know why David wants to capture the whole world by dominating it and killing humans and producing Xenomorph aliens who kills humans.

Can we get the answers for our each question which revolves in the mind of the audience or the movie lover who watched these two movies. Why David, do this and why he wants to do all wrongs.

alien covenant sequel

There are many other questions which are also answered but I think we should also leave the movie where it ends as until this moment there is no official news came out for the Alien Covenant sequel.

So till this moment the movie remains cancelled as no news came out for its sequel which simply means they are not willing to continue the film which might be the direct sequel to 2017 film.

And also there is another reason for the film not came as some of the fans forgot its story and production don’t want to touch the film to continue as four years has been past and it may be the one of the reason to not continue the film after long time to again see killing of new actress from the hands of villian to make another sad ending story.

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Which Film Came First Alien Covenant or Prometheus?

alien covenant sequel

Prometheus is a 2012 film which simply means it came first and then director makes it prequel or sequel which is Alien Covenant in 2017 in which more dangerous aliens are added and the Alien Covenant is more thriller and horror film as these aliens kill human beings and wants to kill humanity.

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Is Alien Covenant on Netflix?

No, Alien Covenant horror sci-fiction film is not available to stream on Netflix but you can search it on other platforms.

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