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Netflix Releases Alice in Borderland Teaser Trailer


David Mudd

Netflix has released an English subbed teaser trailer of an upcoming live-action series on their streaming platform.

Based on Haro Aso’s Japanese manga Alice in Borderland, the upcoming Netflix Original series will release with the same name.

The teaser trailer revealed the release date to be December 10th of 2020. At once, it will release in 190 countries. Now, without wasting your time, let’s get straight to watching the teaser trailer.

Alice in Borderland Teaser Trailer

The main highlight of this 1:28 minute teaser trailer is the character’s arrival in a deserted Tokyo. After watching the teaser trailer, I fall in love with it & can’t watch it once it releases on Netflix. What are your thoughts on this trailer? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments section given below.

However, before doing that, do take a look at this magnificent cast and storyline.

Alice in Borderland Latest Keyart

Alice in Borderland Cast Details

Kento Yamazaki and Tao Tsuchiya will be the main stars of the series as they’ll play the role of Ryōhei Arisu and Yuzuha Usagi.

Rest of the Cast Members:

  • Yūki Morinaga as Chōta, Arisu’s friend.
  • Aya Asahina as Kuina,
  • Dori Sakurada as the crafty Niragi
  • Shuntarō Yanagi as the Last Boss
  • Yūtarō Watanabe as Tatta, who is rescued by and then accompanies Arisu
  • Nijirō Murakami as the mysterious Cheshire
  • Keita Machida as Karube
  • Ayame Misaki as Shibuki, the first being to meet Arisu in the Borderland
  • Mizuki Yoshida as Asahi, a high schooler
  • Shō Aoyagi as Agni, a powerful player
  • Tsuyoshi Abe as Kuzuryū, whose poker face betrays no emotion
  • Ayaka Miyoshi as the logcal minded An
  • Riisa Naka as the mysterious Mira
  • Nobuaki Kaneko as the charismatic Hatter

Apart from this supporting cast members, Shinsuke Satō has directed this anime series, whereas Yasuko Kuramitsu and Yoshiki Watabe have worked on the script for the actors.

Alice in Borderland Plot Summary

As I told you earlier, the upcoming Netflix Original series is adapted from the same name’s Japanese manga.

So, you can expect the storyline to be similar to that of the manga series.

In the Alice in Borderland manga, the story follows around a male high-school student Ryōhei Arisu. He’s aggravated from his intolerable everyday life.

One day, he decides to tag along with his bad friends Chōta & Karube in the city. Then something strange happens & he sees the town covered in giant fireworks.

Once he returns to his senses, he notices that no one else is around him & finds himself in a different world. Then for the sake of their survival, Ryōhei, Karube, and Chōta are forced to participate in survival games. All three of them choose to live & fight back to return to their world.

Final Thoughts

Alice, in Borderland’s plot summary, leaves plenty of questions.

Questions such as:

Will Ryōhei, Karube, and Chōta be able to escape from the new world?

Or Will stuck there forever?

To get answers to all these questions, you need to wait for Netflix Original Series to release on December 10, 2020. However, if you can’t wait for that much, start using mangahere to read all the Alice in Borderland episodes.