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Alice In Borderland Season 3: This is What We Know!

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Fans of Alice in Borderland finally have all the answers two years after its premiere in December 2020. The gripping death-game series, which is currently the most popular Japanese program on Netflix, follows a group of regular people who are transported to an alternate reality Tokyo, where they must prevail in games that put their lives in danger in order to survive and have a chance to return to the real world.

Since the beginning of the series, neither the characters nor the viewers have been able to determine how the players were selected or whether they could ever leave Borderland. The big concerns surrounding Arisu’s time in Borderland have now been resolved by the season 2 conclusion, leaving just the possibility of a third season of the Netflix sensation. Continue reading for a breakdown of the season 2 finale and the potential directions the show might take.

alice in borderland season 3

How Did Season 2 of “Alice in Borderland” End?

The huge battle between the players Arisu and Usagi and the Queen of Hearts, also known as Mira Kano, who was identified as one of the Gamemasters at the conclusion of Season 1 was eventually shown in the season 2 finale. Usagi and Arisu travelled to the Queen of Hearts arena in search of…a croquet match after beating the King of Spades with the aid of Kuina, An, Aguni, and Heiya, all of whom sustained severe injuries but are still alive. A straightforward challenge from Mira to play three games of croquet with her converted Arisu’s quest for knowledge about Borderland into a struggle of mental fortitude.

Arisu had questioned each of the Borderland’s “people,” who were now the face card challengers, throughout the course of the season in an effort to learn more about the dangerous, unknown Borderland. Even though he and his supporters were putting their lives in danger in the hopes that they would be able to leave Borderland once they had all the cards, this never came to pass. His desperation was exploited by Mira, who offered various futuristic justifications that turned out to be lies. (The one where immortal future humans played Borderland in virtual reality was quite intriguing.) The last possibility is one that resonates with Arisu: Mira claims he has been in a mental hospital the entire time, Mira is his physician, and Borderland is simply a make-believe world he invented as a result of his refusal to accept Chota and Karube’s demise.

alice in borderland season 3

Arisu first believes this “reality” to the point where he nearly agrees to take Mira’s game-ending tablets because it so severely cuts into his lingering remorse over the deaths of his companions. Instead, Usagi cuts herself, begs her to save him, and reassures him that they are still alive and may continue to live together to bring him back to reality. He recovers from his dejection and completes the croquet games, finishing with a laser attack on Mira. Arisu, Usagi, Aguni, Heiya, Kuina, Chishiya, and even Niragi all reply “no” when asked if they wish to remain in Borderland as citizens. We then witness Borderland’s reality.

Rewinding to the beginning at Shibuya Crossing, Arisu is currently playing in the street beside Chota and Karube, and every other player is also nearby. Before approaching Borderland, everyone is sure they saw fireworks. The neighborhood was utterly destroyed by a meteorite that exploded over Tokyo. In reality, the events in Borderland barely lasted a minute, and everyone there was truly a genuine person whose heart had been temporarily stopped by the explosion. Everyone who survived and made the decision to leave was revived, but Chota, Karube, and the other Borderland victims perished in the actual world. They all wind up in the same hospital, where intrinsic connections bring these strangers who don’t truly know each other together. After meeting Usagi and making a move on her, Arisu continues living her life as usual.

How Does The Conclusion Prepare For A Potential Season 3?

A show like Borderland, which was essentially a thought experiment on the drive to survive, has a lovely ending thanks to the true explanations behind it. In the end, all of our favourite characters realized that the purpose of life is to be lived, and it was heartening to see them all (including the young boy who Arisu and Usagi rescued from the Queen of Spades) fighting and making up with their loved ones in the real world. The season 2 finale of Arisu in Borderland closely matched the manga’s original conclusion, in case anyone is interested in reading it. As a result, the series’ narrative of Arisu in Borderland came to an end with the episode.

The show’s conclusion, however, featured a very foreboding image: A blast of wind passes across a table full of playing cards, and all but The Joker float away. This final statement might simply be an Easter egg for manga readers, as in the manga, a character by the name of the Joker serves as a ferryman who transports people between Borderland and our world. It might also be a hint that the show’s creator, Shinsuke Sato, wants to make another trip back to the Borderland universe. After all, the manga’s two spin-offs were written by Haro Asu.

alice in borderland season 3

Has “Alice in Borderland” Received A Third Season Renewal?

No. If Alice in Borderland will continue, either as a further adaptation based on Aso’s spin-offs or with a sequel made of original content, Netflix has said nothing about it or offered no hints about it. A third season’s likelihood of being approved by the streamer is likewise difficult to anticipate given the streamer’s recent unpredictable renewal decisions. A small silver lining is that Sato will helm the Netflix live-action adaptation of another adored comic, My Hero Academia.

What Might Season 3 Cover?

As a stand-alone special or a continuation, either of Aso’s Borderland spinoffs may be adapted for an exciting season of the Netflix series. Sadly, neither of these has been made available in English yet. In the first, Kina Sano, a Tokyo schoolgirl who is dissatisfied with her routine life, is the main character of Alice on Border Road. She one day awakens in a barren Kyoto without a recollection and holding the Queen of Clubs card. She encounters a number of other amnesic wanderers, including Alice Kojima, a fellow student who is holding the Queen of Hearts. The pair eventually joins a group of 12 face card holders who receive a tip to visit Tokyo. But when one of the protesters is killed, everything is different.

While Alice in Borderland Retry is a direct sequel and features Arisu’s return to the dangerous realm, Border Road features entirely different characters and has no link to AiB other than the plot. The poor guy has to win one game, the Nine of Hearts, in Borderland in order to return to the real world right away. The short series takes place when Arisu is a school counsellor and married to Usagi, quite some time after the events of AiB.

The season 2 finale of Alice in Borderland may serve as the show’s final episode, despite the possibility of both of these adaptations being produced (and, presumably, coming out in English shortly). It’s good to see a Netflix series come to a planned, deliberate, and non-hurried conclusion, leaving us with two seasons to revisit later. Whether there will be more AiB or this will be Arisu and Usagi’s final episode, the series has been a heart-pounding, frequently sad rollercoaster trip and an incredible on-screen experience.

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