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Alice Estes Davis Death: All About Disney’s Costume Designer!

In this article, we will discuss the topics like Alice Estes Davis Death Death. Everything About Alice Estes Davis and the Cause Of Her Death. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Alice Davis, a Disney legend, has died at the age of 93. Find out what happened to her and why Alice Davis died.

How Did Alice Davis Die?

We’re very sad to say that 93-year-old Disney legend Alice Estes Davis has died. Her most famous job was making clothes for the audio-animatronic characters in It’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean at Disney Parks all over the world.

Christopher Merritt, an author, show designer, and art director, was the first to post on LinkedIn about Alice’s death.

Davis once said, “Overnight, I went from being nice with little kids to being mean with old people.” Davis was a very famous woman who spent her whole life making great costumes for The Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company and Alice Davis’s family have not yet said anything about her death. Daps Magic will let you know when the family and Disney give us more information.

Alice Estes Davis Cause Of Death

Alice Davis probably died of natural causes, given her age and other factors. The news report says that Alice Davis died of natural causes. No one knows what she is sick of or how her health is right now.

Medico Topics has talked to the family and other close friends to find out what they think about what happened. No answers have been given so far. We’ll change this page when we have enough information. Soon, there will be more information about why Alice Davis died.

Alice Estes Davis death

Early Years And Work

Alice Davis was born in Escalon, California, as Alice Estes. She was a good artist in high school, and the Long Beach Art Association gave her a scholarship to go to the well-known Chouinard Art Institute. She wanted to go to Chouinard Art Institute to study animation, but because World War II had just ended and the GI bill was still in effect, there was a two-year waiting list to get into that field of study. So Chouinard got her into the school herself. The only spot they had for the next semester was in costume design, which Chouinard filled.

She met her future husband Marc Davis, who was also a Disney Legend, when he was teaching an animation class at night. Chouinard told her that she could come to class even though it was full as long as she “called the roll” and brought the chalk. At this time, they didn’t start dating, but they did learn to respect each other.

Alice’s first job was designing lingerie for women at the Beverly Vogue & Lingerie House in Los Angeles. She quickly became the head designer because of how good she was. She made two lines of fashion underwear that she designed herself. Alice became known in the fashion world for her skill at making patterns and her knowledge of different kinds of exotic fabrics.

Early Efforts By Disney

In the middle of the 1950s, Marc Davis called her. He needed a costume for dancer Helene Stanley to wear while she did live-action reference footage for the animation of Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. Marc wanted to see how Stanley’s skirt moved and gathered as she moved around so he could make accurate animation. During this project, she and Marc Davis became closer, and in June 1956, they got married.

Walt Disney saw the couple on their first night as husband and wife at a restaurant in Los Angeles. He liked her and her work right away. Walt Disney hired her to make costumes for the Disney movie Toby Tyler, which came out in 1960. She also helped come up with costumes for a number of other Disney TV shows.

Alice Estes Davis death


In 1963, Walt Disney asked Alice Davis to help artist Mary Blair design the costumes for the Audio-Animatronic (AA) children in “it’s a small world,” an attraction for the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. She learned about the different cultures and regions that were being shown and used that information to make more than 150 different costumes. She also made costumes for the General Electric Carousel of Progress that were based on different times.

During the “small world” project, she set up a place to make AA figure costumes, a way to keep track of quality, and ways to fix them up at WED Enterprises in Glendale, California. Imagineers and maintenance workers at Disney theme parks around the world still use these systems and methods.

“Overnight,” she said in 1965. She made Pirates of the Caribbean’s AA characters’ outfits for Walt Disney. She created 47 “Disney-fied” 17th and 18th-century costumes. Walt Disney observed The Auctioneer pirate dressed in her studio. He died in the hospital a day or two later. No pirates met him. Pirates of the Caribbean became a Disney theme park hit in 1967. She made Mission Control AA costumes for the revamped Flight to the Moon attraction the same year as Pirates.

Alice Estes Davis death

She left WED in 1978 to work on Pixar’s “Up,” following Marc Davis’s guidance (2009). That movie asks, “What are the most essential things in life?” thus the filmmakers sought their oldest friends and family members for anecdotes. Disney animator Joe Grant was influential (who died in 2005). She attended Disney events and fan meet-ups.

When Marc Davis died in 2000, so did their marriage.

Prizes And Awards

Davis was given the Disney Legend award by the Disneyana Fan Club in 1997.

Davis became a Disney Legend in 2004 at a ceremony at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California.

On May 10, 2012, she was honoured by having a window put up next to her husband’s window on Main Street, U.S.A. at Disneyland.

In 2014, Davis won the June Foray Award, which is given to people who have made a big, good, or charitable impact on the art and business of animation.

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