Is Alexa Bliss Husband Ryan Cabrera?


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Bliss recently took to Twitter to address a bogus “dissolution of marriage” notification that a fan had received.

For a long time, Alexa Bliss has had to deal with scary fans. In the past, she has spoken up about the issue, but to no result.

A image of what appears to be a notification of dissolution of the’marriage’ between Ryan Cabrera and Bliss was recently uploaded by a fan. Bliss was tagged in the tweet by the fan, who inquired as to whether or not the story was true or a hoax.

According to Bliss, the document is a forgery. They were engaged in late 2020, but the wedding has yet to take place.

Alexa Bliss has cautioned fans about catfishers.

Since the inception of the internet, celebrities such as Bliss have had to deal with catfishing on a regular basis.

Aside from that, the wrestling industry has been targeted a number of times. The actress Alexa Bliss wrote a letter to her followers last year, cautioning them not to fall prey to catfishers who operate on the internet.

Alexa Bliss Husband

“For those who think they’ve spoken to me on a “private account” or “Google hangout” or any other form of communication – it is not me. It is someone pretending to be me. I hate that I have to repeat this so much. This is my only acct & I only have 1 IG,” wrote Alexa Bliss.

It has been around two years since Bliss and Cabrera began dating. Extreme followers have already targeted the two lovebirds on several occasions.

An crazed fan claimed to be married to Bliss and that he was planning to “get rid” of Cabrera, which Bliss dealt with last year, according to TMZ.

He also indicated that he was planning to make a visit to Bliss at her residence in Orlando, which he later confirmed.

Because the account has been suspended from Twitter, the tweet is no longer viewable.

“Hello everyone who thinks I’m a troll, I’m not. I’m dead serious about getting rid of that piece of shit @RyanCabrera so stop calling me a F***ING TROLL! I’m not a stalker I’m a lover of Alexa bliss, I will be at her house in Orlando, Florida and pay her a little visit. #LetMeIn” wrote the fan.


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About Alexa Bliss

Alexis Kaufman, also known as Currently, Alexa Bliss is a professional wrestler who is signed to WWE and competes under the Raw brand. As a member of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, she has won the title with Nikki Cross. Alexa made her WWE debut on September 20, 2013, and has since gone on to become one of the most popular Diva wrestlers in the world.

Her Net Worth

Alexa Bliss’ net worth is expected to be in the neighbourhood of $2.3 million by the year 2022, according to estimates. The majority of what she has achieved is as a result of her highly successful WWE career.

Alexa Bliss WWE

The WWE Performance Center and developmental brand NXT in Orlando, Florida, were where Alexa Bliss was assigned following her signing of a contract with the company in May 2013. Soon after, Bliss made her way to the SmackDown brand, where she quickly rose through the ranks to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion before anyone could blink an eye. She went on to become the first contestant in history to hold the title for two consecutive years.

The following month, Alexa was promoted to RAW and won the Raw Women’s Championship the following month, which was her first week on the show. She made history by being the first woman in WWE history to hold both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s titles. In February 2018, Alexa became the first woman to win an Elimination Chamber match in WWE history. Her third Raw Women’s Championship was secured after she won the 2018 Money in the Bank ladder match and cashed in the contract later that night.

2019 marked the first year that Bliss and Nikki Cross have won the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. Bliss became became the second woman to win the Women’s Triple Crown as a result of her accomplishment. Bliss has won a total of six WWE championships in his career. Alexa Bliss is now considered to be one of the most successful and decorated Diva’s in the history of the WWE.

Alexa Bliss Husband

Alexa Bliss Husband

Alexa Bliss has not yet tied the knot. However, she has been engaged to fellow WWE wrestler Buddy Murphy since December 2015, and the couple has two children together. Alexa and Buddy share their home with three dogs and a pet pig named Larry Steve, who they rescued from a pound. However, there have recently been rumours about their dissolution, however nothing has been confirmed.

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