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Alexa And Katie Season 5 Officially Cancelled!


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Is Alexa and Katie back for new season 5 or Not? The answer to this question is they are not back for Alexa and Katie Season 5 because it was cancelled and fourth season was considered as the last and the final season of this sitcom drama which was created by Heather Wordham and released its first season on March 23, 2018 and ended in 2020 with its final episode of final season.

It is the story of two best friends named Alexa and Katie and also depicts the normal life and journey of bestfriends where no one came to help but still there is one friend who supports us and always helps us in our bad times.

Their life turns upside down when she comes to know that she has cancer and that time Katie comes forward to help her best friend Alexa where every person leaves her.

Alexa And Katie Season 5

Lots of love is received by the Alexa And Katie show and Critics also appreciated this drama as it tells the natural friendship in a complete story which seems to be seen in real life also and runs for four seasons.

In 2019, Television Academy Honours is received by this drama while the show is in the list for Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding Children’s Program.

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Alexa & Katie Season 5 Release Date

Alexa And Katie Season 5

The final season of this drama aired on June 13, 2020 and you can watch season 3 also because it was divided into two parts of eight episodes each one.

The show runs on Netflix for 23-27 minutes for per episode and then it was also declared that the show is running for the final season ie. fourth one.

Which simply indicates that there is no season 5 of Alexa and Katie and the show has officially ended with final season 4.

The show started with a two friends studying in a high school but in the final season you see that these two friends completed their high school and moves forward in their life and still they are bestfriends and it was also confirmed from the instagram post of Paris Berelc who played Alexa that show is ending because it was the final episodes of this drama.


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The decision they made to move to separate colleges in the end and also they are mature enough that they can handle each and every problem on their own but they still are on each other’s side and this shows their love towards each other even when things go wrong sometimes.

The ending of the show is great and also tells the audience that at one time each person becomes mature to take their decisions on their own but their friendship still remains.

The ending of the series is good and you can watch this drama on Netflix and on just watch.

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The Alexa and Katie Season finally ends and now there is no season 5 of this drama. So, watch its previous seasons and if you already watched it, then read our latest shows on

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