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Alexa: Alexa And Google Assistant Adds New Features To Celebrate Women’s Day


David Mudd

International Women’s Day is just here, and the world is celebrating the Women of history and contemporary female figures in different ways across the globe. And our AI friends are not lagging behind either.

Here is how Google assistant and Alex are going to celebrate women.

Alexa And Google Assistant

International Women’s Day: When And What?

International Women’s Day is a celebration of Women all around the world. It commemorates Women’s efforts and accomplishments throughout history. It also celebrates the roles of women in defining our society in the contemporary world. The day also honours the memory of women who have changed the world throughout history.

This year, International Women’s Day is being celebrated on March 8, 2020.

Google Assistant Celebrating International Women’s Day

Google Assistant is adding new features to celebrate Women on International Women’s Day. It is choosing to feature 12 women who have impacted the world through their work. These include women from varying backgrounds and nationalities who have contributed to different fields.  Google doodle also came out with interesting doodles for the event.

Alexa And Google Assistant

If you wish Google Assistant “Happy International Women’s Day”, then it will read out loud information about one of these women to you. If you have a smartphone or a Google Home, then you will also be able to see a picture of the woman on the screen while Google tells you about her.

The feature will stay on the program for the whole year and will read out information to you whenever you ask it “Tell me about an inspiring woman”. The Google assistant director says that their goal is to inspire young women to be their “own trailblazers” and to celebrate the far-ranging impact women have had on different cultures.

Alexa Celebrating International Women’s Day

Unlike Google, Alexa’s features will only last for the month, but they are interesting nonetheless. If you ask Alexa, “Alexa, who inspires you?”, then Alexa will spotlight famous women for you throughout the month.

Alexa And Google Assistant

On a Sunday, if you say “Good Morning”. To Alexa, then you will hear back from fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg. She will tell you about her efforts in inspiring young women to follow their dreams. Alexa will also compile a list of songs composed by female artists for you enjoy if you ask her to play international Women’s Day Music.