Akudama Drive: Watch Cyberpunk Animated Series !


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It is the most Japanese animated series for which all are looking and I hope you will enjoy watching this interesting series which was written by Norimitsu Kaiho and Tomohisa Taguchi directed it.

The Akudama drive anime tv series came back in 2020 and set in the dystopian future in which a young woman is dragged into the world of crime.

The series is the combination of science fiction with lowlife and high technology.

When Kodaka’s work is seen by Taguchi then he is inspired and decides to work in this series with him. After writing and giving the proper ideas the series was given greenlight and came out in 2020. From the critics the Akudam Drive received positive reviews and it is considered as the best of 2020.

In the Akudama Drive series you will see that a new city named Kansai is formed after the war by Kanto on Kansai.

Akudama Drive

After this crime in the city started to begin and the threat of police and the govt decreased as the city criminals increased and known as Akudama and police also did many things to catch them or kill them.

One day an unknown person calls Akudama’s to release a prisoner named Cutthroat who is dangerous as he is given death for killing 999 people. The unknown client promised Akudama that he will pay a good amount to them for helping them to release Cutthroat from the jail.

These 4 akudama agreed on the proposal and decided to do work which will help them to gain a large payday.

When they entered Kansai Police Headquarters they noticed that it was just a small part of the large scheme in order to work on a big one so that work can be performed by all of them easily to steal a precious cargo from the train.

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Swindler, a young girl who was arrested in a minor heist and she used to keep quiet and behave politely as she was frightened to be killed by another Akudama. Later she became bold and helped these Akudama for creating chaos in the public due to which she was killed by the Executioners.

Akudama Drive: Release Date

When Will Tomohisa Akudama Drive Come?

Akudama Drive

Akudama Drive was already premiered from October 8, 2020 to December 24, 2020 on its original network which are BS NTV, SUN, Tokyo MX, KBS, AT-X and the series is licensed by Funimation.

The series first season has 12 episodes and do you like the character Swindler or the young girl who is forced to use fake id after meeting with Courier and accidentally became one of the Akudama or the criminal who is later shot out by the police.

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Who are the Characters of Akudama Drive 2020 Series?

These are the Characters and their voice actors of this beautiful series.

Akudama Drive

First, I will tell you about the Akudama’s all members-

  • Ordinary Person or Swindler voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawas and she is a young lady who accidentally became the criminal and used her fake identity to remain safe as she was threatened by the other akudama’s and didn’t risk her life. In the starting she is low physical strength but later on she became bold and can kill anyone to protect his family.
  • Courier is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara and he is the delivery person and the important courier man of Akudama as he delivers any kind of thing until he is being paid. He is heavily loaded with gun wires in his bike so he can protect himself when he is in danger.
  • Brawler is voiced by Shunsuke Takeuchi and he is the fist fighter.
  • Hacker is voiced by Shun Horie and he manages to use and control so many mobiles at the same time and he does his criminal job like a video game.
  • Doctor is voiced by Megumi Ogata, she is the all around as she is master surgeon, chemist and when she is injured she can also give treatment to herself.
  • Hoodlum is a low ranking prisoner and he is voiced by Subary Kimura.
  • Cutthroat by Takahiro Sakurai and he is a serial killer who is given death for killing 999 people.

Along with these Akudamas’ there are other members and executives who give their best in the series.

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Where to Watch Akudama Drive?

You can stream or watch Akudama Drive on Funimation, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Movies & TV and on Hulu.

Is Akudama Drive Renewed for Season 2?

Akudama Drive is not renewed for season 2 at this time or may be not renewed as the first season ends with a very satisfying ending.


Akudama Drive is a good action series to watch which received 7.4 ratings out of 10 on IMDb while it earned 7.6 out of 10 on and 76% on AniList.

Besides this series you can also search for the latest shows and anime on our website and also feel free to comment which Akudama you like the most, as my favourite one is Swindler.

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