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Akame ga kill season 2 Renewed or Canceled?



Initially released as a japanese manga series, Square Enix published the 15 volumes of AKAME GA KILL March 2010 to December 2016. The manga series was written and illustrated by Japanese author Takahiro and illustrator Tetsuya Tashiro.

Despite having limited exposure to the world, AKAME GA KILL managed to pull the audience in its anime adaption. This wouldn’t have been possible if the show shied away from showing scenes of graphic nature.

Th anime series is so bloody that when it first aired in Japan, the channel had to blacked out some scenes because of show’s violent nature. In most part of the first season, human bodies were being cut to pieces & blood was spilled everywhere.

Further in the AKAME GA KILL SEASON 1 I never got any chance to chill out. At any given point during the show, you’ll witness random deaths. That’s brutal. Isn’t it?

It doesn’t matter if the particular character is important to the series or not. If the character had to die, he’ll die, no matter who that is. And the weird thing to note here is, you can’t predict this s**t. eEvery time you predict an outcome, the final result will always blow your mind away. I’m sure of this.

Now that you know what you’re getting into, let’s try to find out whether there’ll be AKAME GA KILL SEASON 2 or not.

AKAME GA KILL Season 1 Main Plot?

AKAME GA KILL SEASON 1 tells the story of a group of assassins known as ‘Night Raid’. Being part of a revolutionary army, their main goal is to overthrow the current Governance of Prime Minister Honest.

And honestly saying, he f**king deservers this. Prime Minister honest had got this coming as he’s nothing but a greedy and corrupt leader. Despite his nation falling to poverty & strife, the only person he cares for is himself. Once you see somelike him, you too would probably want to kill him.

But the Night Raid members weren’t like this. They aren’t mass murderers who’ll kill anyone who comes up in their way. Instead, they are completely aware of the possible consequences of their actions.

In AKAME GA KILL SEASON 1, the night raid members were constantly working on their plan. Their plans were set to motion when a new member called Tatsumi joined their group of rebellions.

Will there be AKAME GA KILL SEASON 2?

Officially speaking, there’s no announcement regarding Akame ga Kill season 2.

Now, it’s already been more than 6 years, too much time has passed. I don’t expect it to release anytime in the future. So, instead of positively beleiving that it’ll release one day, I’ve come to the terms citing the following reasons:

AKAME GA KILL SEASON 1 ended in December 2014 & AKAME GA KILL Japanese manga series ended December 2016. Despite having a lot of differences, both share a common ending. Even though, the fate of few characters does vary a little but you won’t think of it as much of a deal-breaker once you read/watch them.

I agree there’s still ome content that can be adapted from the manga series. However, then comes the second reason. It’s alreadt been over 6 years since the last episode of AKAME GA KILL aired online or on the tv.

Do you agree with these reasons? Let me know in the comments section given below.

Final Thoughts

Ever since AKAME GA KILL SEASON 1 ended, I’ve been constantly saying the same thing to myself again & again.

Never say never… AKAME GA KILL SEASON 2 might get release one day. But now, it’s already 2021 & 6+ years later, I’ve lost all hopes of getting a new season. So, I guess, it would be safe to assume to that AKAME GA KILL is hereby canceled.

If you can’t get over this, I recommend you to read its prequel manga titled as Akame ga Kill Zero.  Or else you can browse mangalife to find some of the classic manga series of all-time like Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan, or even Fullmetal Alchemist.

The choice is yours. Stop waiting for AKAME GA KILL SEASON 2 & start watching something new. That’s all for now. If you’ve any questions around AKAME GA KILL’s topic, don’t mind asking me in the comments section given below.

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