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AirPods: Apple’s AirPods Launch Maybe Delayed


David Mudd

Apple was scheduled to launch its AirPods in 2020. But the disruptions in production and shipping made them rethink the decision. Now, it’s likely to be delayed for next year. After all, the pandemic virus outbreak is not at all easy for any of the businesses. Apple also got a taste of it, that’s all.

The company launched its iPhone SE on the market in the past weeks. Even though the shipping was limited for some places. Pre-order went well because of its affordable price and great specifications. Besides, the come back of the fingerprint scanner also made the people love the device.


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When The Airpods Production Restarts

According to the Apple analysts, the production of a mass amount of the third generation AirPods will start in the first half of 2021. Another mass production will happen in the third quarter.  It will be the second generation AirPods Pro. At last, the production will take place in the first quarter of 2022.

The new AirPods are expected to come in a small price range but with the same features in AirPods Pro. Some rumors also suggest that the new AirPods comes without noise cancellation. Although, the design factor may be the same as AirPods Pro. It was reported that Apple will introduce its truly wireless product at the annual WWDC (the in-person event got canceled).

After all, a $350 price tag is expected for the new AirPods. But an official announcement is required from Apple itself to make sure about it. People are also waiting for Apple to start shipping the new SE in all regions.