Is AI Thaman Season 2 Going To Happen? Check Expected Release Date!


Riya Arya

Recently released its first season in January, AI Thaman is a series that makes viewers curios to know whether or not it is coming back for another season? AI Thaman Season 2 release date is all we are going to talk about, not just release date but we are also going to provide more details with you. Keep reading to know what we have found out for you.

About AI Thaman

AI Thaman is a television series inspired by Turkey. The series with its first season aired on 8 January 2023. The series is adapted from the 2006 Turkish series Binbir Gece. The storyline follows the love of a mother for her children.

AI Thaman Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed

The renewal status of AI Thaman Season 2 pending as it is neither renewed nor canceled. Stay in touch to know whether or not it gets renewed in future.

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AI Thaman Season 2 Release Date

It is quite obvious that a series with no renewal status can not be able to be predicted for a release date. We will have to wait for its renewal status first. As soon as we get the confirmation about its come back for a second season, only then we will be able to come up with an official release date that will be declared by makers.

AI Thaman Season 2 Release Date

AI Thaman Plot

The series is filled with emotions that revolves around a mother who tries to raise funds for her child’s cancer treatment. In order to save her son, she asks her boss for some money, the situation becomes worse for her when she gets his help in return for the favour, she has to spend a night with him.

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In season 1, Sarah prepares for a job interview for a construction company, and hides the fact that she has a son. All she wants is to secure money for her son’s treatment but things become more and more complex for her, resulting her facing failure at raising funds. Sarah reaches out to Mr Ibrahim, the grandfather disavowed his son and grandson.

Sarah goes through challenges and is offered to spend night for the sake of money, where she feels she has to compromise to save her son.

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If season 2 of AI Thaman happens, it will continue to show the storyline where it left off in season 1. The struggle of mother in order to save her son’s life will be captured in season 2 as well. However, we should wait for official plot also. Who knows if new storyline or some plot twist takes place!

AI Thaman Ratings

No doubt, ratings are quite important that not only show the performance but also decides the chances of whether the series deserves to get another season or not? If we talk about AI Thaman ratings; AI Thaman has received 8.2 rating on IMDb. It did well and liked by viewers. Its storyline and cast also received many positive response.


AI Thaman is a television series. The first season aired on 8 January 2023. There is no renewal status or release date for AI Thaman Season 2. We will update it once it gets officially confirmed by makers.

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