AHS: NYC’ Plays Like a Companion to Ryan Murphy ’s Dahmer Series!


Saloni Singh

Patron Ryan Murphy has premiered three series in roughly a month, so a degree of imbrication is maybe accessible. Indeed so, the new season of his long- handling FX ballot, this one dubbed American Horror Story NYC, feels like a companion in its central themes to Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, which premiered last month on Netflix.

 A crucial element of the Dahmer miniseries, grounded on the real- life periodical killer who feed on gay men in the 1980s and particularly people of color, was the extent to which homophobia contributed to an incuriosity that helped him avoid legal consequences, before his arrest in 1991.

The rearmost American Horror Story is set in a different place, but an coinciding time, beginning in 1981 — just as the AIDS epidemic began, and before the complaint had acquired that name — and fastening on a periodical killer boggling gay men in New York City.

Ryan Murphy, American Horror Story Is Back — Did You Know?

 Amid the million other systems patron Ryan Murphy has been working on, he still set up time to squeeze in a season of the cherished horror florilegium. Like every antedating season of American Horror Story, this bone follows a completely new cast of characters( with some familiar Oohs actors returning, like Zachary Quinto, Denis O’Hare, and Billie Lourd) in a brand-new setting.

But also like with every antedating season of American Horror Story, there are some hand RyanMurphy-esque motifs. In this case, it’s a spooky BDSM style figure that may be a ghost but may also be killing people.

AHS: NYC' Plays Like a Companion to Ryan Murphy's Dahmer Series

 This season’s premiere is surely more predicated and lower splashy than former bones, indeed with a deep incursion into BDSM culture and the leather scene, and seems to have a poignant conceit at its core.

But there’s a ghost that haunts it — and not the leather- sheathe spectral figure that’s been following some of the characters around — that could veritably well undermine what the show is trying to do this season.

American Horror Story NYC Takes Place in the 1980s and Centers Around a Periodical Killer Who’s Targeting Gay Men.

 Hopeless romantic Adam( Charlie Carver) is upset that his missing roommate might be one of the rearmost victims. Unfortunately, the bobbies are doing nothing about it, because it’s the 1980s and they ’re all homophobic enough — except for Patrick( Russell Tovey), a gay bobby who’s in the closet and does want to do commodity, but is still reticent to expose himself to his prejudiced peers, which, like, accessible.

Meanwhile, Patrick’s mate Gino( Joe Mantello), a seasoned journalist, wants to break the news not just to vend papers but to cover their community when no bone differently will.

AHS: NYC' Plays Like a Companion to Ryan Murphy's Dahmer Series

Still, There’s Also a B- Plot About a Croaker

 ( Billie Lourd) who discovers an abnormal contagion that’s infecting deer in Fire Island — and also notices some strange symptoms in her substantially queer cases, If the idea of commodity wiping out the queer community and public officers doing nothing about it is n’t clear enough. The AIDS extremity fable is n’t subtle, but also again, Oohs isn’t really known for its slyness.

 Remarkably, however, Oohs NYC feels nearly restrained compared to other premiere occurrences of the show.