After the lip-reading controversy, Taylor Swift hides behind fans beside Lana Del Rey at the Grammy Awards



At the Grammy Awards, Taylor Swift made sure that nobody was using lip reading techniques against her.

At the awards event on Sunday, February 4, Swift, 34, and Lana Del Rey, 32, held black fans to cover their mouths when they were seated next to each other. Swifties have conjectured that the audience’s gesture was a subdued acknowledgment of the Golden Globes incident and a pledge that it won’t occur again.

Swift and Keleigh Teller attended the Golden Globes in early January. Swift and Teller were seated at their table in a now-viral video, while friend Selena Gomez approached with what looked to be rumors. Gomez has subsequently refuted the theories put up by lip reading “experts” on TikTok, who claimed the three was discussing Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner.

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Swift looked to have avoided any potential faux pas by covering her and Del Rey’s lips with big black lace fans before the Grammy Awards rolled up.

The majority of Grammy Awards night was spent with Swift and Del Rey. The “Anti-Hero” singer even shielded her buddy from a wardrobe malfunction earlier in the evening.

“What happened to Lana?” Swift was heard in a video that went viral on social media asking. Then, Del Rey was heard remarking about how her dress was wet from the rain in Los Angeles.

I acquired gloves for that reason. Okay, come with me. This is fixable, therefore it will be alright. Swift patted Del Rey’s arms with her gloved hands and said, “This is fine.” Would you like a moment?

In addition, Swift was spotted trimming Del Rey’s hair before they entered the red carpet. In response, De Rey noticed whether Swift still had any red lipstick on her teeth.

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Swift was heard in the video asking her well-known publicist, Tree Paine, if she needed to set her “watch.” Swift was alluding to the timepiece necklace she had on under her Schiaparelli Couture dress.

“Nope, it’s flawless already. Midnight,” in reply, Paine. In order to do one last hair touch-up before walking down the red carpet with Del Rey, Swift remained motionless.

Throughout the evening, cameras also caught glimpses of Swift and Del Rey at different points, particularly when the well-known pals were seated close to one another. The “Anti-Hero” singer invited Del Rey to the stage with her as Swift won the coveted Album of the Year for Midnights to round off the evening.

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“I think so many female artists would not be where they are today and would not have the inspiration they have if it weren’t for the work that Lana Del Rey has done,” Swift remarked, addressing the concealing artist. “She’s a legend, a legacy artist, and she’s still got it,” I said. Being friends with you and knowing you is such a blessing.

The song “Snow on the Beach,” which was included on the Midnights album and released in October 2022, features Del Rey.

Fans were first angry with Swift because they thought Del Rey was only a background performer on the song. But in May 2023, Swift released the upgraded version of Midnights, which featured “more” vocals by Del Rey.

Swift at the time posted on X, saying, “You asked for it, we listened.” “My purpose for going back into the studio with Lana was to record more of her on Snow on the Beach.”

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar from November 2023, Del Rey talked about her vocals on the song as well, saying she was “all over” the original version.

Actually, Taylor asked me to sing that song. I’ll serve as a producer on someone’s song if I believe it’s amazing,” Del Rey said. You wouldn’t even realize that I was so obsessed with that first song because of the way I blend and complement her voice so well. Don’t change what ain’t broke; she asked me to sing the entire song.