After Surprise Cameo, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce leave ‘SNL’ After Party Together HOLDING HANDS




For a very long time, fans have watched the news regarding Taylor Swift all around the internet. It isn’t the first time that the pop singer has been on the news. Previously, she has released the Era’s Tour Concert Film which has reported humongous success all around the world. Celebrity like Beyonce has attended the film released and everyone was excited to see it/

However, last night, everyone was talking about something, and that is definitely about the singer’s life.

Yes! After Saturday Night Live afterparty, fans have finally watched Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together, holding hands. Fans have finally watched the singer’s boyfriend. Amid the heavy rumors since month, the relationship status of the singer with Travis is confirmed. The pair was confirmed to be in a relationship as both of them were holding hands.

SNL Season 49 has finally come and with that, a lot of news has already been on the talks.

We watched the Pete Davidson hosting the comedy show. The pop artist and actor, who was previously linked with Kim Kardashian has brought laughter back to the show.  Along with him, there was the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, who made separate surprise cameos.

As a musical guest, fans watched their favorite Swift pop up on the screen, with her amazing performance. Later, fans watched the photo of her together with the player. Earlier, there was news regarding the relationship because fans watched the “Blank Space ” singer sitting next to Kelce’s mother during the Chiefs-Bears game on Sept. 24. Thereafter, the fans swirled the news on their relationship.

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