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After Life Season 3: Will We Get A Third Season?


David Mudd

After Life season 3 Netflix release date: Will there be another series?

What Is After Life About

Ricky Gervais, the creator, director as well as the actor of the show After Life, has come up with an undeniably gorgeous comedy.

The series had a backstory of Ricky aka Tony, living with his wife who dies a painful death because of breast cancer.

Post the trauma, Tony decides to commit suicide but somehow(and thankfully enough) indulges on rather being an ass (yeah, you read it right), calling people out, churning their feelings and doing everything which subconsciously makes them feel as pathetic as he felt after his world tossed around.

But Destiny had some different plans altogether. His near and dear ones make sure they anyhow cleanse this guy and turn him into a man with propriety and sophistication like his past self. How the events turn out, are a real treat to the eyes.

After Life

What Do We Know By Now

The First season that released in 2019 had 6 episodes which were received fairly well by the audience and critics alike.

Ricky was welcomed as an actor who could keep the plot moving forward and the interest of the viewers, lurking.

The second season, however, received mixed reviews and if anything, that is what makes us wonder would there be a third season at all?

But then, you know, there have been a few storylines left on a cliffhanger which just needs to be resolved and if this doesn’t call for a season renewal, I don’t know what does.

Season 2 shows that although Tony struggles with the sudden loss of the most beloved thing in his life, he builds a will to live and socialize.

His father, Ray, dies at the end of Season 2 when we see his relationship building up with Emma, Ray’s caretaker.

And although Tony had prepared himself for his father’s death, since he was already suffering from dementia, he felt a great deal of agony on seeing him leave the world.

Imagine the poor man having to deal with two significant losses in his life within such a small duration!

After Life

Is There A New Series?

The show is immensely spectacular in its portrayal of grief and everyday-dealings with life and hope.

Ricky, aka the protagonist Tony had shown a perpetual interest in extending the show.

The second season’s last episode aired just 2 days ago, that is, on the 24th of April, so confirming anything right about now wouldn’t be a very smart thing to do.

He, nonetheless, went on to say how he loves his character, the other actors in the show, and the best of all, the dog ‘groundhog’.

And although he said he wouldn’t do a season renewal until it is hardcore begged for, I’m certain he knows how obsessively we fans have been waiting for season 3. ALREADY.


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