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After Life Season 3: Plot | Release Date | Cast

Watching Ricky Gervais‘s Black Comedy Afterlife is one of the most beautiful experiences ever. The show takes you back in time when we used to express ourselves freely, without fearing judgment and inhibition. It’s about that time which seems non–existent now. The show seems to take place in a different reality altogether. After Life Season 3 is a must-watch!

The series bravely undertakes the challenge of portraying the most difficult part of human life — death. Grief and death are intertwined. At some point in our life, we all come across the loss and even though we know all about it, it doesn’t make the pain any easier to bear. This is exactly where Ricky Gervais’ show will touch your heart. 

The show brings out the life-affirming feelings that we all have. A series that has the loss of a beloved wife in its focus, that shows a completely broken husband who can’t hold his tears, makes you want to live life, and maybe, reminds you to be a little kind. Can you believe it? If not, read on to know more about this wonderful venture and its upcoming season3.

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Plot of After Life Season 3

The show tells the story of Tony, who is in his late 40s and has recently lost his wife Lisa, due to breast cancer. The story starts after Lisa’s death and Tony falling apart over this horrible loss. 

Tony decides he is going to use this loss to change himself. He decides to be rude to everyone and thinks it’s his superpower. His bitterness comes out in subtle forms of personal attacks and kind of strange behavior. But people around Tony do not make it very easy for him to avoid the world. They will not give up on this lovely, funny man who is dying inside of excruciating agony. 

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Why should you watch After Life Season 3? 

a glimpse from after life season 2
A still from the series, After Life

A lot of shows centered around the horror of cancer and the suffering of the patient and their families. But Gervais’ attempt goes beyond that, without any of the graphical description and reference that tv shows often use to shock and capitalize on the misery. 

Afterlife has simply shown pain and loss, like going back in time. Back when we used to be much more human; when we used to mourn the dead, used to love them, friends used to take care of us like our very own. When people didn’t just escape into the alternative reality created by the virtual world.

It’s so very different and life-affirming. It’s one of those shows that you have got to watch. The series is so very real and reminds us that grief and pain make us human. 

The Irrevocable loss  

It is Lisa’s death that broke Tony from within. Tony again tries to get on with life Starting with doing chores and following his daily routine. He has got a sharp mouth now and keeps being rude to people. Tony thinks it’s now a superpower to behave as he pleases and offends people. He feels so horrible that he wants to punish himself by being isolated and friendless. But his friends aren’t making it that easy. They would rather face the bitter Tony than having allowed him to be on his own.  

Though not much is known about Tony’s social life before Lisa’s death, through flashbacks we know that he was a fun-loving person. Friends and family dive deep to bring out that person once again. Life without Lisa was going to be very difficult. 

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Lisa Lost forever 

Lisa is Tony’s wife and it is her death that devastates Tony. He tries killing himself multiple times, having failed to cope up with the loss. 

He loved his wife. She was everything to him. The loss of a beloved partner is felt profoundly. Each time he opens old recordings of Lisa, the pain of not being able to see her anymore haunts him anymore. 

Tony often cries. He mourns the loss. Each time he realizes his wife won’t be around anymore, it kills a part of him. 

Tony and Brandy 

Brandy and Tony share a beautiful bond. Brandy is Tony’s dog and he is always there for him. Whenever Tony tries to commit suicide, Brandy does his best to stop him. His barking is his protest and outcry to save Tony. 

Brandy remains as a reminder of Tony’s past life with Lisa. It’s like she has become Tony’s protector. 

The stories of After Life Season 3

the official photoshoot of the cast of after life season 3
Featuring the extremely talented cast of After Life Season 3

As Tony’s life starts after Lisa’s death, he resumes his work in the local Tamburry Gazette. While covering very different stories that strike him as disturbingly odd, he finds out how all these people have respect for life and he does not. 

The weird stories are a constant source of laughter but at the same they make you think. And that is the purpose of the series. 

Friends Indeed 

Tony’s friends become a very important part of his life. They annoy him, irritate him and some try to connect to Tony on an emotional level. 

Kath is one of the people who keeps annoying Tony. He is rude to her constantly but she won’t give up. She comes to him with her somewhat weird ideas and mostly gets crushed by Tony during the argument. But there’s no stopping her, as Tony has realized. He also understands the importance of Kath as his friend. 

Sandy tries to connect to Tony emotionally. She pleads with him to be happy. It hurts her to see her lovely friend in such pain. 

Roxy too understands Tony and his agonizing state. She doesn’t say a lot. But she is there to have funny conversations with him to cheer him up. 

Tony meets Anne 

starring tony from after life season 3
Featuring a scene from After Life Season 3

Tony meets Anne at the bench of the graveyard where Anne goes to sit in front of her husband’s grave. Anne and Tony connect and a beautiful bond is created. They both talk about spousal loss. Anne teaches Tony to be kind to himself. She reminds him a good person is supposed to help others and live for others too. There are no other expectations. 

Tony and his dad 

Tony’s father lives in an old age home. He often goes to meet his father. Though his father suffers from memory distortions, sometimes he reminds Tony of beautiful snippets of memories and Tony is pleasantly surprised and emotional about it.

Tony is afraid to start over 

Two of the nicest moments in the season were Postman Pat getting together with Roxy and Tony himself seems to like Emma who is a nurse. But Tony is still in a lot of conflicts and feels like he will be cheating on his wife. Emma ends up hurt by Tony. 

His fear of starting over is a typical trauma response. He has been through so much emotional turmoil, he is both scared and exhausted. It’s not going to be very easy for Tony.

After Life Season 3

The 3rd season of After Life will premiere on April 24, 2020.

The show’s last season finale debuted on Netflix on the same day as the first, leading Gervais to congratulate fans on Social media.

But the official news for a new season is still in the blues.

Gervais himself has not revealed any definitive answer regarding the timeline of the new season. In April 2021, Gervais posted a picture of a draft of Season 3. So we can hope for a renewal of the series.  

Availability of After Life Season 3

The show can be watched on Netflix.


Season 1 and 2 have been a beautiful emotional journey for the viewers. The precision and understated way of showing the story has provided great results. Gervais himself has compared his character “like a wounded animal “. That is to say, it’s hard to predict his future course of life. 

The show brings out the life-affirming feelings that we all have. A series that has the loss of a beloved wife in its focus, that shows a completely broken husband who can’t hold his tears, makes you want to live life, and maybe, reminds you to be a little kind. The show is truly worth watching. 

At times there are certain shows that are meant for everyone. This one is one of those rare shows. Its beauty lies in its relatable and humble approach to life. It erases the difference between screens and touches our emotions. So stay tuned for further updates and drop down your questions and comments that you bhave about your favorite show and movies.

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