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After Life Season 2: Ricky Gervais Confirms The Release Date, What Can You Expect From Season 2

After Life is a dark comedy that is streaming on Netflix.

The first season came out in the year 2019.

And, now we have the line up ready for season 2.

The series stars Ricky Gervais.

Ricky Gervais is also the writer and the director of the show.

After Life: The Premise

Tony is living a good life until his wife, Lisa, is taken away by breast cancer.

In a split, if he should take his Life or not, Tony decides otherwise.

He thinks living is going to be an apt punishment for the world as he would live and do whatever he pleases.

As he goes on with his propaganda of not caring about anything, his friends and family try to save him and restore his prior self.

After Life Season 2: Release Date

Ricky Gervais lets us know on Twitter regarding the release date for After Life season 2.

“I’ll have the #AfterLife2 release date for you by the end of today!’, Ricky Gervais tweets.

The release date for After Life season 2 is 24th April 2020.

It is back in March 2019 when Ricky Gervais informs us how he is writing the script for the season 2 of After Life.

Now, we are more than happy to see it finally streaming soon.

After Life Season 2: What Can We Expect From Season 2?

From the previous season, we only have the last memorable lines that keep us going.

“I’m going to carry on saying and doing to punish people who deserve it. I’m going to use my superpower for good.”

In season 2, we expect Ricky’s character to treat his carelessness more like a superpower than a drawback.

We do not know for sure what the second season has in store for us, but hopefully, the dark comedy is going to continue.

The trailer of After Life season 2 is not out yet, but we can expect more plot details when we see it.

After Life Season 2: The Cast Details

There is no confirmation regarding the cast.

However, Ricky Gervais is going to come back as Tony in the second season of After Life.

Hopefully, all the original actors are going to reprise in their respective roles.

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