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After Life: Rick Gervais Discusses the Possibility of a Third Season

Netflix had released the second season for the Ricky Gervais series After Life. Ricky Gervais is well known for his comedy based works. So, the fans who used to his work probably expecting this one too to end in that way. Now the second season came out and made an excellent impression on the people.

The star was already interested to do a third season but was waiting for the response from season2. After all, the response is getting better now. So, it is likely to happen a third season for the fan-favorite series. Even though, it increases pressure as a creator for him.

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After Life

Ricky Gervais About Third Season (After Life)

Gervais said about the pressure that comes when a thing gets excellent reviews. it is a fact that for a good season people give it a 10/10 rating. But if the same creator do something that rate 9.5/10. Then the people will say that it is the worst thing they saw ever.

The pressure and workload increases along with the positive reviews. The second season ended like a sentence stoped with a comma. But it ends in a way that can be continued if needed or can change that comma into a full stop. However, the response shows that people are waiting for more that they too need to complete the story in their mind.

The creators were not even sure about a season 2. After all, it happened and made a good status. So, the team will be looking forward to making the next season more interesting. Let us wait and see what will happen if it happens.

After Life

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