AFLPlanning Review – AFLPlanning Trading Platform Options [2022]


Mohit Kamboj

AFLPlanning is the result of several experts in the world of crypto trade coming together and deciding to share their expertise with the world in the form of a well-designed application. It’s meant to provide a comfortable and educational environment for beginners and average users.

While advanced traders can use the platform, it’s not hard to see that it’s not necessarily geared towards them. Below is an overview of AFLPlanning, as well as a look at some of the elements that may matter the most to you.

Pros and Cons



Availability on multiple platforms May not be available based on your location
Easy to use Not designed for advanced traders
Straightforward and intuitive interface
Incredible for beginners

How Does AFLPlanning Work?

After you’ve signed up with AFLPlanning, you then get to start moving around inside the app. Here, it is recommended is that you look at some of the educational features that are present.

First, there is the detailed blog that tackles several areas of trading, asset selection, etc. that you are likely going to find incredibly insightful and essential to becoming the best trader you can be.

Next, short video-style courses are used to enlighten you on various topics. There isn’t an exam or a certification at the end, but you are still encouraged to take advantage of the platform since so much of that information is going to be integral to your decision-making capabilities in the industry.

Another special mention goes to the demo account feature, which you have probably heard of before in other trading systems. The implementation here serves the same purpose, though there are a couple of notable differences in the way it’s designed.

The idea is to put you in a simulated environment with simulated funds and allow you to start moving around and trading, so you can get a feel for what the real market is going to be like once you get involved with it.

Who Is AFLPlanning Best for?

AFLPlanning is best suited to beginners and intermediate users who have some learning to do in the trading industry. While some applications do their best to manage both beginners and expert users effectively, this one focuses on one niche, so it can serve it masterfully.

Learning tools are present all around for you to enhance your experience while using the application. At the same time, you are bolstering your knowledge about the industry in general.

If you are just trading, you are likely using the application incorrectly. However, if you are trading and learning at the same time, then you are taking advantage of things in the way that the developers anticipated.

While expert traders can use the platform, the challenge lies in the lack of customization to remove certain insights and features that would feel like training wheels to a professional cyclist.

If you are more advanced and you don’t mind that feeling, then feel free to use the application with the understanding that you are not necessarily the intended audience.

AFLPlanning Device Compatibility

The AFLPlanning platform is meant to be accessible by anyone who wants to get into the swing of things with trading. Therefore, you can access it on any device that has an internet connection and can access a browser.

Beyond that though, there are a few platform-specific variations. For example, you can download a desktop application and work from your PC or you can download the Android or iOS app for a more streamlined and convenient interface on your cell phone or tablet.

Is AFLPlanning Safe?

Safety is a top-tier concern where systems, such as AFLPlanning, are concerned. First, your personal information is protected and is never going to be shared with any third parties, as AFLPlanning does not engage in those kinds of activities.

There is also the matter of the information that is flowing from the app through the marketplace. Every element and page is protected by SSL certificate encryption, preventing malicious entities from taking advantage of you as you try to trade.

Payment Methods

You’re going to have to make an initial deposit before you can start any trading. AFLPlanning allows you to do this via PayPal, Skrill, credit/debit card, or wire transfer. Therefore, if you have a situation where one method can’t appeal to you or work in your location, you have others that can pick up the slack.

Final Remarks

Overall, AFLPlanning is an outstanding application for beginner traders who are looking to get their feet wet on the market while learning all they can about the “tricks” of the trade. It also works very well for intermediate traders!

No one can guarantee success in an industry such as this one, but there is a guarantee that AFLPlanning can develop your mindset and approach to trading, so long as you take the time to use the included learning resources.