Adele Has Been Called the “British Queen” by Dua Lipa



A few weeks ago, pop star Dua Lipa called Adele a “British queen” and said a lot of nice things about her. Dua Lipa had nice things to say about Adele, who works with her.

Pop Crave on X said that the pop star talks about how she feels like a “British Queen” in a video from The Hollywood Reporter.

Adele’s glowing endorsement from Dua Lipa in a recent interview. Dua Lipa Wowed at the Academy Museum Gala Wearing Diamonds Valued at $1.7 Million

The comments followed the domination of women in the music business. In due course, Lipa replies.

“She’s our British queen,” she remarks about Adele. I adore her so much! I simply adore her music, too. Her voice is simply amazing, and I’ve always found her words to be really moving.

“She’s someone I’ve always looked up to,” the pop icon continued.

Dua said, “I’m always fanning over Adele,” after that. and concluded by saying, “That’s my queen.”

Both parties are admired.

Adele recently discussed a variety of topics, including her excitement for Dua Lipa’s comeback. She loves her a lot. Dua Lipa Wears a Keyhole Cutout Dress and Goes Braless

In an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Adele expressed her admiration for the singer in high terms. After listening to her music, she remarked, “I thought she should be the next big pop lady. She is, too. I can’t believe she’s back. Not that she was gone for very long. That’s not how I could work either. It’s excessive. I find it difficult to always share myself.

Both musicians are quite busy. Dua Lipa is set to release a new album. In November, she dropped her debut single, Houdini. Adele has extended her residency in Las Vegas through the summer of 2024.