Adam Lambert Boyfriend: What We Know So Far?


Riya Arya

We are aware of the fact that there is very limited information available regarding Adam Lambert’s current boyfriend. This article contains all the latest updates about his boyfriend and their love life. If you are curious to know about Adam Lambert Boyfriend, his boyfriend’s career, personal detail and more, then this article is for you.

About Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is an American singer and songwriter. The singer has sold over 3 million albums and 5 million singles. There is no doubt about the fact that Adam Lambert is an openly gay. Adam has romantically been linked with several celebrities, including Ferras and many. A lot of fans are getting curious over his dating life. Let’s reveal the identity of Adam Lambert Boyfriend.

Adam Lambert’s Boyfriend

Who do you think is Adam Lambert Boyfriend?
The wait is over, Adam is currently dating Oliver Gliese. Oliver Gliese is a Finnish-born, Berlin-based model and artist. They have been together for a long time now. Some sources reveal, the couple met through common friends.

On November 17, 2020, the couple was caught kissing at a beach in Tulum, Mexico. On February 15, 2021, Oliver Gliese shared some of them to his Instagram account.

Early Years of Oliver Gliese

Oliver was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on July 26, 1995. He grew up in a Danish family and speaks English, Danish, and German. There are news that claim him to be the only child of his parents but there is no solid or authentic confirmation regarding this so we can’t comment on this. Oliver is very private when it comes to his family so there is not much information regarding his family.

Oliver has attended Niels Brock High School in Copenhagen and graduated with honors.

Adam Lambert Boyfriend

Oliver Gliese Has Great Knowledge of Fashion

Oliver has been a part of the fashion industry since 2017. He worked as a manager at Ganni and then as a consultant for Global Fashion Agenda. He makes one it the most of stylish icon who has managed to balance fashion and fashion administration.

Career of Oliver Gliese

Oliver started his career as a dancer. As a professional dancer, he has appeared in films and screenplays. He has also worked as a model and fashion influencer, having great desire and holds the knowledge of fashion.

Oliver Gliese then started pursuing a career in management and business administration, and In 2017, he began working as an office manager for the fashion label “Ganni.” Oliver moved to “Global Fashion Agenda” in 2019. He was an Innovation Forum Coordinator and is then in charge of worldwide collaborations and fashion innovation assistance.


Although there is not much information available regarding Adam Lambert Boyfriend, Oliver Gliese but we have provided reliable information possibly. Adam and Oliver make adorable pair with their love interest for each other. They have also seen together kissing each other, that shows they are quite open about making love.

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