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Adam F Goldberg Wife: Everything You Need To Know About Him!

Adam F Goldberg is a stuntman, American film patron, and hall hustler born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America. Breaking In, The Goldberg, Imaginary Mary, and Schooled are among the sitcom TV shows created by Goldberg.

Adam F Goldberg Childhood and Early Life

 AdamF. Goldberg was born and raised on April 2, 1976, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Adam celebrates his birthday on April 2 every time. As of 2022, Adam’s age is 46. He’s an American. His wheel sign is Aries.

 Adam was raised in a typical middle- class real family with two aged siblings named Barry and Eric Goldberg, but his sisters have no information. In terms of his education, Adam has studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Dramatic Writing at William Penn Charter School, New York University.

Adam is best known forco-creating the American sitcom series The Goldbergs, which premiered in 2013. Seth Gordon, Alex Barnow, Marc Firek, Doug Robinson, David Guarascio, and David Katzenberg are notableco-producers.

Adam F. Goldberg came up with the idea for The Goldbergs after watching old vids of his family in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, in 1988.

 In 2003, Goldberg began writing for the CBS drama series Still Standing. likewise, Adam was aco-producer on the final occasion, which vented in 2006. In addition, he and his longtime friend Kyle Newmanco-produced the American comedy film Fanboys.

 After the fashionability of Fanboys, Goldberg was hired to write the sitcom The Jetsons. The Jetsons, on the other hand, only lasted three weeks before being discontinued.

adam f goldberg wife

In 2011, Goldberg secured a three- time contract with Sony Pictures Television to produce the sitcom Community.F. Goldberg is also the creator of Imaginary Mary, a live- action and amped fantasy, and The Goldbergs ’ spin- off series Schooled.

Adam F. Goldberg Relationship Girlfriend/ Wife

 Sarah Goldberg, Adam F’s awful woman , is his life mate. In a marriage form attended by close musketeers and family members, F Goldberg married Sarah Goldberg. Indeed though the couple has yet to produce children, they’re enjoying their marriage because there has been no word of a divorce or split.

 The woman of AdamF. Goldberg, Sarah Goldberg, is a professional psychotherapist. In 1992, Goldberg met Sarah Goldberg during a Northwestern University summer theater factory.

Adam F. Goldberg Physical Appearance, Age, Height, Weight

 Adam is 6 ′ 3 ″(1.91 m) altitudinous and weighs further than usual. As a result, he appears enough altitudinous in his photography. His eyes and hair are dark brown. There’s no information set up about his body dimension yet.

Adam F. Goldberg Net Worth

 As of 2020, AdamF. Goldberg’s net worth is estimated to be$ 10 million. This includes his property, finances, and earnings.

His primary sources of income are film patron, pen, and stuntman, furnishing him with the maturity of his income. Goldberg had made a long and successful career in the pictures and TV assiduity. He lives a healthy and luxurious life through his hardworking and fidelity to the assiduity.

adam f goldberg wife

Adam F. Goldberg Social Media

 Adam is active on social media spots like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and also has50.8 k Followers, 753 Following, 5947 Posts on his Instagram.


 Goldberg went to William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After high academy, he wanted to take forward his nonage interest as his professional approach.

 Accordingly, he moved to New York and attended New York University in 1994. Then’s graduated with a double major in film and dramatic jotting in 1998.

Relationship Status

 Although Goldberg is a TV personality and has a whole series about his nonage, he’s not veritably open about his wedded life. Adam married his long- term gal Sarah Goldberg.

 She’s a therapist. The two met at a summer theater program for high academy scholars at Northwestern University when he was only 16. piecemeal from this, he has not mentioned any details about his current status regarding the relationship or his children.

 Pennsylvania Native Adam had begun writing theater plays at the age of 15. also, he indeed penned multitudinous plays before scale which were offered around the country.

 He’d written more than 50 plays by the age of 18. In 1995 he won the AnneM. Kaufman Endowment ARTS Award in the National Foundation for the Advancement in the trades program for Playwriting.

adam f goldberg wife

 also, he indeed made it to the tests for the 1997 American Theater Critics Association’s Osborn Award for his full- length play, One on One

 Screen Writing

 After the success of their theater career, he leaned into screenwriting in 2003. He began with his first comedy writing for the sitcom Still Standing.

 He worked with the platoon for four times and ended up as aco-producer. also, he alsoco-produced the 2016 fantasy suspenser ‘ Day Watch ’.

 Meanwhile, he also teamed up with Picture Machine, Triggerstreet, and council friend Kyle Newman to develop the script for Fanboys. latterly it was vended to The Weinstein Company.

 latterly, he was offered to write the script for multitudinous pictures including ‘ Aliens in the Attic ’( 2009) and ‘ How to Train Your Dragon( 2010), ‘ Vamp U ’( 2011), ‘ Osombie ’( 2012), ‘ Night Aboard the Salem ’( 2014), and ‘ The Last Scout ’( 2017).


 On the TV side, Goldberg teamed up with Happy Madison. Happy Madison introduced him to King of Kong director Seth Gordon and together they created the 2011 Fox comedy series Breaking In.

 Before Breaking In, he contributed to writing for the shows like ‘ Secret ’ ‘ Girlfriend ’, ‘ Voltron Force ’, ’ and WordGirl. ’ latterly, in 2011, he inked a three- time overall deal with Sony Pictures TV.

 During this time, he worked on NBC’s ‘ Community ’ as a patron. In the meantime, he was offered to shoot an autobiographical show about his family named ‘ How the F — Am I Normal? ’

 latterly the show was picked up by ABC and renamed ‘ The Goldbergs. ’ either, she was slow theco-producer for ‘ Imaginary Mary ’ and ‘ The Goldbergs derivation series ‘ lessoned ’.

adam f goldberg wife

Body Dimension

Goldberg is in his early forties but still veritably healthy and active. He has average height but is slightly fat with a bulging belly.

 Aging has started to get visible with wrinkles on his face and slate hair. still, there’s no data available regarding his exact body measures.


 Talking about Adam’s Internet presence, he’s not important of a social media person. He’s presently active on Twitter.

 still, he has got a strong addict base of133.8 k followers. He goes by the name@adamfgoldberg and substantially shares posts related to hisprofession.Adam Goldberg and Dana broke up when they were suckers, and they weren’t married.

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